route around

route someone or something around something

to send someone or something on a path that avoids something. The travel agent routed us around the congestion of the big city. Due to the storm, they routed the trains around the fallen bridge.
See also: around, route
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Casper hopped on the No3 bus outside his home at 10am each day and sat on the back seat during its 11-mile route around Plymouth.
Up to 2,000 participants of all ages are expected to take part, covering distances of 5k, 10k or a half marathon, which will follow a set route around the city.
The new release features enhancements that are designed to help airlines determine the most efficient route around weather events and airspace constraints, thus helping to pre-empt delays and maximise fuel savings.
On rail connections, spending chiefs awarded pounds 80m for freight improvements on the Peterborough to Nuneaton route - describing it as a crucial alternative route around London, pounds 43m is being spent linking businesses in Southampton with Birmingham and pounds 8m of funding is awarded to increase capacity on the link between the Humber Ports and the East Coast Main Line.
A Guide to Planning and Cruising The Great Circle Route Around the Eastern USA, 2nd Edition G.
Patients can choose to walk a quarter mile, half mile, full mile or a wheelchair route around the hospital's large grounds.
The sharks will be circling in New York, too, following the Giants in their route around the drain.
A determined bunch set off on a 32-mile route around Loch Ken.
C) This isthmus country of Central America links North and South America and has a canal that enables ships to travel between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, thereby avoiding the long sea route around South America: --
Technicians isolate elements, connect new elements, route around problems, and perform maintenance and other functions using semipermanent patch-cord connections on the front of the EDF cross-connect bay.
The municipality decided it needed a new congress centre, with the usual conference and exhibition spaces, augmented by a 250 room hotel and visitors' centre marking the start of a route around the historic core of the city.
On the snap count, the HB releases upfield about two yards and toward the vacated flat area (rather than executing his normal wheel route around the WR).
Race organizers had to plan a route around the nesting sites of rare peregrine falcons, and the lambing grounds of endangered big-horn sheep.
However, with the crossbar interconnect it is possible to route around defects, the researchers said.
30am and will encompass a one-mile route around the town.