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rouse someone from something

to awaken someone from something; to cause someone to come out of something. I roused Tom from his nap and sent him on his way. We could not rouse her from her deep sleep.
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rouse someone out of something

to awaken someone out of a state, such as sleep. It was almost impossible to rouse George out of his sleep. They could not rouse us out of our drowsy state.
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rouse someone to something

to stir someone to something. I will rouse the workers to action. They will work or have to find other jobs. The speech by the president roused the citizens to action.
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Are there no younger men among the Achaeans who could go about to rouse the princes?
Go then, for you are younger than I, and of your courtesy rouse Ajax and the fleet son of Phyleus.
While he was thus hesitating Minerva came up to him and said, "Get back, Diomed, to the ships or you may be driven thither, should some other god rouse the Trojans.
At Rouses, the keyword is local, whether it's seafood (top), produce (center) or value-added meats (bottom).
That's the message from Rouses Markets to its Louisiana customers, as well as its competitors, whose out-of-state home bases Rouses isn't shy about pointing out.
Rouses mother, Mary Rouse (neeMikami), grew up as a child only speakingJapanese,.
Rouses maternal grandfather emigrated from Tokyo to San Francisco in 1885,.
Tout A0x20 fait, the pride this family-owned chain has for its native culture and cuisine is unmistakable, from the local meat, seafood and produce in its markets, to the in-store posters showing Rouses management personally inspecting the fresh catch of Gulf shrimp and toasting its homegrown brands like Abita beer.
The rooftop garden on the Rouses Market in downtown New Orleans -- the first such "urban farm" in the country -- is home to parsley, basil, cilantro and other herbs the grocer is growing to package and sell in the market's produce section.
Down in the Bayou State, Rouses Supermarkets, Louisiana's largest independent supermarket chain, makes superior local food marketing look easy.
What would likely take years for an out-of-state retailer to learn about Louisiana food tastes and trends is second nature at homegrown Rouses, a 14-store chain founded in 1960 in Thibodaux, La.
The Rouses, Henderson and Store Manager Bill Tanner looked for people who would be productive managers along with being good customer service people.
Our customers are as quality conscious as any you would find in the wealthy neighborhoods of a city, but they don't have the money that those people do," says Tony Rouse, vice president in charge of pricing.
and plans to use anti-counterfeit technology to enhance the sale of collectibles and memorabilia, is pleased to announce a partnership with Rouse Social, the international mobile platform that aggregates all of the social media from athletes and celebrities.
As part of the partnership, Rouse Social will also be helping many of the anticipated LegacyXChange athletes to improve their social media engagements and best practices on how to promote their collectibles and memorabilia.