rouse to

rouse (one) to (something)

To incite, instigate, or urge on one to undertake some action. The violent death of the activist roused the nation to stand up against the injustices of the government. The rebel leader's impassioned speech roused the fighters to action.
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rouse someone to something

to stir someone to something. I will rouse the workers to action. They will work or have to find other jobs. The speech by the president roused the citizens to action.
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There was a strong push from the players for Rouse to remain in situ but the Tullamore clubman is unable to commit to the job.
He sent Rouse to a young offenders' institution for 20 months.
Limbird said he is still waiting for Rouse to submit a required landscaping plan and transportation analysis that are needed for the review of the development application.
GGP expects Rouse to qualify as a real estate investment trust listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
Detectives tracked Mark Docherty, Simon Davis, Lee Bolton and Christopher Rouse to a car park near Nat-West Bank in Walsgrave Road where it was suspected the group were planning a robbery.
Ruth Franzen, who in October 1993 contributed an article on Rouse to this journal (IBMR 17:154-58), has given us a thoroughly documented, carefully researched, and highly readable analysis of Rouse's years (1897-1924) as a pioneer in women's international student ministry.
(MPA) has announced the promotion of Harvey Rouse to the key role of vice president and director of European Union Affairs and European Television.
Suppose the deal had fallen through, forcing Rouse to look elsewhere for a pharmacy partner?
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