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rouse someone from something

to awaken someone from something; to cause someone to come out of something. I roused Tom from his nap and sent him on his way. We could not rouse her from her deep sleep.
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rouse someone out of something

to awaken someone out of a state, such as sleep. It was almost impossible to rouse George out of his sleep. They could not rouse us out of our drowsy state.
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rouse someone to something

to stir someone to something. I will rouse the workers to action. They will work or have to find other jobs. The speech by the president roused the citizens to action.
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Rouse, of no fixed address, admitted various burglaries and robberies including mugging two 15-year-old lads.
But unlike the shamed politician, Rouse, a cad who became a killer, decided someone really had to die in order to convince the authorities he had slipped this mortal coil.
Rouse had been out with around a dozen co-workers for a Christmas meal and ended up in the Relfex nightcub before several returned to the Crowne Plaza, where they planned to spend the night.
However, Rouse took two or three riders each lap to make up 21 places to end the race where he started - in seventh position.
Rouse Properties is a real estate investment trust headquartered in New York City and was founded on a legacy of innovation and creativity.
Rouse and crew are capable of electrical, plumbing, metal fabrication and body repair, plus engine and drivetrain work.
will be retaining the Rouse shares which it presently owns.
From here until the end of the race, Rouse remained right on Stamper's back wheel, the pair making light work of Wayne Ryan on the eighth lap to pick up a place each.
As part of the partnership, Rouse Social will also be helping many of the anticipated LegacyXChange athletes to improve their social media engagements and best practices on how to promote their collectibles and memorabilia.
Mallards boss, Whitey Anderson, has been keen to lure the fans' favourite back and when Rouse struggled to get in ahead of Andy Coleman, talks were held.
In addition to her long list of impressive credentials and accomplishments, Rouse is also the former owner of Ancient Light Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.
All of them shop with us," says Managing Partner Donny Rouse.
While other divestiture options were carefully considered, GGP said a spin-off represents an "efficient execution that enables shareholders to participate in the potential upside from the repositioning of the Rouse portfolio.
Rouse fashions a heartfelt and often discomfiting collection of stories that brings out the best and worst in his nearest and dearest while traversing every holiday on the calendar--and even some that aren't.