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There is a simplicity in the barrier-like beach, the margin of green bushes and tall cocoa-nuts, the solid flat of dead coral-rock, strewed here and there with great loose fragments, and the line of furious breakers, all rounding away towards either hand.
There we worked, revising mythology, rounding a fable here and there, and building castles in the air for which earth offered no worthy foundation.
And the first surprise came very soon, when the explosives (to which he owed his sudden chance of engagement)--dynamite in cases and blasting powder in barrels--taken on board, main hatch battened for sea, cook restored to his functions in the galley, anchor fished and the tug ahead, rounding the South Foreland, and with the sun sinking clear and red down the purple vista of the channel, he went on the poop, on duty, it is true, but with time to take the first freer breath in the busy day of departure.
Tonight he had swung a wide circle--toward the east first and then toward the south, and now he was rounding back again into the north.
They were rounding the curve, leaning toward the inside, gazing before them at the swift-growing picture.
Wolf Larsen repeated his manoeuvre, holding off and then rounding up to windward and drifting down upon it.
The fleeing woman stumbled in rounding the end of a picnic bench, and would have been caught had she not seized Mary's arm to recover balance, and then flung Mary full into the arms of the woman who pursued.
The house itself was more pleasing to the eye than most of the houses in those parts, owing to the black and white paint which decorated it and an unconventional flattening and rounding of the roof.
Another cluster of stout and armed men was seen at no great distance, just rounding a point of the thicket, and moving directly though cautiously towards the place where the band of the Siouxes was posted, as a squadron of cruisers is often seen to steer across the waste of waters, towards the rich but well-protected convoy.
Her eyelashes were still wet with tears, as, with her shawl over her head, she sat looking at the slowly rounding sun.