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roundhouse kick

A kick delivered in a semicircular motion or direction, as opposed to straight in front of the person delivering it. The MMA fighter was knocked out after catching a roundhouse kick directly to the side of his head. She ducked beneath the roundhouse kick and countered with a devastating uppercut.
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roundhouse punch

A punch delivered in a semicircular motion or direction, as opposed to straight in front of the person delivering it. The boxer was caught with a vicious roundhouse punch that KO'd him on the spot. You're better off throwing quick, controlled jabs than swinging those wild roundhouses punches.
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roundhouse punch

n. a punch to the head made by swinging the arm in an arc rather than by a jabbing punch. He let him have a roundhouse punch that would have cracked a two-by-four.
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"An Iron Age roundhouse around 13m in diameter -- one of the largest stone roundhouses we have seen - has been unearthed in one of the trenches closest to the eroding cliff edge.
> Up to 50 volunteers joined experts in the dig > The roundhouse was unearthed at Dinas Dinlle on the Gwynedd coast Gwynedd Archaeological Trust
House Six's post-holes are providing valuable archaeological evidence for the reconstruction, such as the size and layout of the roundhouse, the material used to make the floor and the size of the posts.
"The nearest other roundhouse to this one in Mirfield is in the Calder Valley.
Situated in Camden, the Roundhouse is at the center of London's rock-and-roll history, and continues to host performances by the top artists of the modern era.
The Roundhouse became the Apple Music Festival's home in 2009 in London, but it also held the festival in the U.S.
The Roundhouse was designed by local architect WH Ward and built in 1874 by the Birmingham Corporation when it was originally used as stables and stores.
Shaped like a giant horseshoe, the Grade II-listed Roundhouse was designed by local architect WH Ward, who also created the Great Western Arcade in Colmore Row.
But as Mr Cave sat in his step-dad's car, Heard, of Station Road, Marsden Green, walked to the open passenger side door and launched a 'roundhouse kick' at the defenceless man.
6 Sally Wood - wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie - has organised a star-studded charity gala Time To Shine at Camden's Roundhouse theatre on Thursday night.
Rime, which was co-commissioned by the National Theatre, is a devised work by Roundhouse and Jackson's Lane associate artists Square Peg Contemporary Circus which combines circus, theatre and dance.
We headed to the Bunkhouse at the Roundhouse, situated near the Highland village of Newtonmore, for a weekend away with a group of friends.
The roundhouse was an ingenious way to turn a train around, particularly a steam locomotive, which was designed to operate most efficiently moving forward, not in reverse.
ITUNES FESTIVAL: THE LUMINEERS Roundhouse, Camden, London "BIT like Mumford and Sons?" said my plus one when I invited him to The Lumineers at iTunes Festival.