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Wellstone was followed by Representative Jerry Nadler, Democrat of New York, probably the roundest man in Congress, and by the diminutive Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, who made the obligatory short joke and endured a "high five" from the six-foot-six-inch candidate.
While there is "no policy to drop prices", he admitted there was a lot of work being done around price "in the roundest possible sense".
The world must be measured by eye'; It was when you said, 'The idols have seen lots of poverty, Snakes and gold and lice, But not the truth'; It was at that time, that the silence was largest And longest, the night was roundest, The flagrance of the autumn warmest, Closest and strongest.
For one thing, the molecule had an undeniable aesthetic appeal: "It is literally the roundest of round molecules.
Elegantly holding his cigarette in its holder at arm's length, Bakul told them in his ripest, roundest tones, "What I feel is my duty, my vocation, when I am abroad, is to be my country's ambassador.
Birds Eye-Wall's offers only the roundest of estimates, which are massaged somewhat by marketing services like AGB.
Bucky balls, also known as Buckminster Fullerenes, after the architect Buckminster Fuller, are the roundest and most symmetrical large molecule known to man and are the largest symmetrical molecules known in the nanoscience world.
New York, Aug 25 ( ANI ): Scientists behind the Avogadro Project in Australia have sought to create the world's roundest object.
The toy instruments have Lot Number 0E0212 located on the bottom of the roundest part of the egg.
The roundest knight at King Arthur's Round Table was Sir Cumference.
They're saying it's the roundest ball ever but even the simplest touches seem to be difficult and there have been a lot of bad touches from players whose touch is usually spot-on.
The makers insist that it's the roundest ball ever, but just how round does a ball need to be?
Meanwhi le, Eng land manager Fabio Capello said the ball - claimed to be the roundest ever - behaves "completely differently" at altitude.