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This makes Kepler 11145123 the roundest natural object ever measured, even more round than the sun," Gizon said in (https://www.
When the butter is sizzling, drop teaspoonfuls of the blini mixture into the pan (pour the mixture from the tip of the spoon, not the side, for the roundest shape).
The size of Ping-Pong balls and coated with the superconductor niobium, the spheres were the roundest objects ever created by human beings.
Read this one to find out what the odds are that your telephone number is prime, how to make the world's roundest football and how math can help you get into The Guinness Book of World Records.
Sufix says 832 is the strongest, most abrasion-resistant, fastest sinking, and roundest braid on the market.
Oocyte diameter was determined by taking the average diameter, with and without the jelly layer, of 100 of the largest, roundest oocytes on slides from at least 5 female abalone within each experiment.
It's the roundest, smoothest, baby's-the single biggest talking point of Universally panned by players and managers, this sphere of fear left some of the world's dead-ball greats the owners of Row Z tickets fearing for their health during games.
It's the roundest football ever created apparently.
Pony with Roundest Bottom: 1 Daisy Ashworth with Pippin, 2 Katie Turner with Doodles, 3 Florence Whiteley with Smurf, 4 Jessica Viar with Patch.
It is made from a revolutionary 90-per cent thermoplastic-10 per cent polyurethane material and adidas u who started to make soccer balls in 1963 and made the first official Fifa World Cup ball in 1970 u claims it's the roundest ever.
But at afternoon's end the roundest round of applause rightly went to Nicholas Pallesen's bounteous Falstaff--a winning combination of a fresh, full young voice and musical and interpretive skills well beyond the student level.
An armlet for the roundest arm on earth, Or necklace for a neck to which the swan's Is tawnier than her cygnet's: these are words: Your beauty is your beauty, and I sin In speaking, yet O grant my worship of it Words, as we grant grief tears.
Likewise the well-meaning magistrate who delivers Alan to Dysart is a role that serves merely to punctuate the shrink's monologues, though it's given strangely overwrought handling by Kate Mulgrew, bringing her roundest BBC vowels.
The new stroking system delivered by the machine can dwell in any part of the hole, end to end, and selectively removes material to create the straightest, roundest bore possible.
Two supreme cricket gurus gave the roundest of condemnations on England's lack of preparation for the toughest tour of all.