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Gardai are appealing for witnesses who may have seen suspicious or unusual activity in and around the Couse Bridge roundabout "or on the approach roads" leading to Couse Bridge roundabout between 11.
A man who loves roundabouts is organising a trip to celebrate their 100th birthday.
If the press weren't here, I would say I eat crow - the Pioneer Parkway roundabout has done an excellent job," joked Councilor John Woodrow, who had been wary of the multi-lane roundabout.
CUTLINE: The intersection of Route 31, John Fitch Highway and Rindge Road, where a roundabout has been proposed
On the 1st floor of HI Roundabout Station the works included the installation of tiles, air ducts and electrical networks.
Starting on Monday, January 29, the roundabout at Kingston Park junction will be closed for a month to extend the cycling facilities, new signing and lining around the slip roads.
As part of the works to the roundabout, know locally as the Cedar Tree roundabout, there will be road closures to a section of Pontygwindy Road during weekends for a period of three weeks during January.
I came up behind a large furniture van and on seeing the traffic on the A55 decided to turn around, drive along Glanyrafon road to the A55 to enter the west bound carriageway without difficulty, in order to enter the eastbound carriageway at the roundabout to complete my journey.
Use your indicator, if you change lanes inside the roundabout
Widening the Holystone roundabout - providing four lanes on the eastern side and five lanes on the western side.
California, An example from Fresno County, CA, illustrates a classic case of a roundabout proposed as a spot safety improvement.
ENGINEERS laying electricity cables caused rush-hour traffic problems at a notoriously busy roundabout.
A roundabout, of course, is a circular traffic intersection where cars yield to cars already in the roundabout.
The Dandelion Fountain, on Roanne Ringway, is "the epitome of the perfect one-way gyratory", says the organisation behind the gongs, The UK Roundabout Appreciation Society.