(a)round the corner

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(a)round the corner

1. In close proximity to another location. Said especially when traveling by car, often when literally approaching a corner. The store isn't far from here, it's just around the corner.
2. Imminent or likely to happen very soon. My little brother believes that an alien invasion is right around the corner and that we should prepare ourselves for life on another planet. Our company is devoted to the self-driving car and believes that its widespread use is right around the corner.
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around the corner

1. On the other side of a street corner, as in The doctor's office is around the corner from our house. [First half of 1800s]
2. Nearby, a short distance away, as in The nearest grocery store is just around the corner. [Early 1800s]
3. Very soon, imminent, as in You never know what stroke of luck lies just around the corner. [First half of 1900s]
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just around the corner


just round the corner

COMMON If something is just around the corner or just round the corner, it is going to happen very soon. With summer just around the corner, there couldn't be a better time to treat your home to a bright new look. General elections, of course, are just round the corner. Note: Around the corner and round the corner are also used in other structures and expressions with a similar meaning. Fearful that war was right around the corner, they promptly began to buy in extensive stores of food. There is a lot of concern about what may lie around the next corner.
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just around/round the ˈcorner

very near; soon to happen: We have been trying to develop the new drug for years, and now that success is just around the corner, the work must not be stopped.
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around the corner

About to happen; imminent.
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Right now God is just round the corner. Invite God to come into your heart and share in the love of your home.
I live round the corner so when the school was closing I got involved.
I extended my hand, Marr took it and, as I went to speak, Liam bowled round the corner having clearly been talking to Marr.
" With the four- Test series against England round the corner, I also feel that the matches will provide good training ground for the top stars as they have been playing the shortest format mostly -- barring Ishant," he told M AIL T ODAY .
Mr Davies, who comes from a farming family in Pembrokeshire, said: "Bearing in mind that the National Eisteddfod, which takes place this year in the Vale, is only just round the corner, I foresee an exciting and promising future for the Welsh language in the area.
HELP is round the corner for a village hall thanks to a golden gift from a world-famous guitarist.
Summary: Akshaya Tritiya is round the corner and Malabar Gold & Diamonds choose to celebrate this festival with their customers by offering them assured gift coins with their ravishing collection of gold and diamond jewellery.
BEST MUSIC Later with Jools Holland (BBC Two Wales, Friday, 12.20am) * LIKE Rory Bremner used to say when he did his Barry Norman impressions: "You pays your money and you takes your choc ice!" And the same can be said of the world of music as far as Jools Holland's enduring show goes - chances are you won't like everything on offer, but there's bound to be something cool and tasty just round the corner to tickle your fancy.
Regarding the vehicle actuated signs, the one already in place at Healey House bend, is so bright and distracting on a dark night it's a wonder anybody makes it round the corner.
"Often what's round the corner is just sadness and disappointment," added Zainab.
Willie O'Connor's puppy will need a little luck early if he is to get round the corner from this draw, with Archaton Hawk, Mountaylor Ace and Express Trend on his inner.
"Meeting Myself Round the Corner" focusing on the many lives of Carol Prejean Zippert, forcing her thoughts and ideas into the rich verses of poetry.
"We just don't know what is round the corner," he said.
Suddenly all these boys came from round the corner. They all had weapons - knives, hammers and baseball bats.
A corporately acceptable emphasis was given to portals, axes, circular or semi-circular foci, straight avenues, grand steps, almost as if the elder Saarinen had never landed, never set up Cranbrook and its accompanying atelier where his son, as well as Roche, Dinkeloo, Venturi, Pelli, Lumsden or Vreeland worked round the corner from Eames and Bertoia.