round the bend

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(a)round the bend

1. In close proximity to another location. Said especially when traveling by car, often when literally approaching a bend. The store isn't far from here, it's just around the bend.
2. slang Crazy It's freezing today, and you're not going to wear a coat? Have you gone around the bend?
3. slang Intoxicated from drugs or alcohol. Do you remember last night at all? You were really around the bend!
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*(a)round the bend

1. Fig. crazy; having lost sanity. (*Typically: be ~; go ~.) I think this job is sending me around the bend. She sounds like she's round the bend already.
2. intoxicated from alcohol or drugs. (*Typically: be ~; go ~.) One more of those, and you'll be around the bend. From the glassy look in her eyes, I'd say she is completely round the bend now.
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round the bend

COMMON If someone is round the bend, their ideas or behaviour are very strange or foolish. I actually used to look at mountaineers and think they were a little bit round the bend. If anyone told me a few months ago that I'd meet a marvellous person like you, I'd have said they were round the bend.
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round the bend (or twist)

crazy; mad. informal
1998 Spectator She combines a fondness for holidays in Switzerland with an amiable husband…who saves her from going completely round the bend.
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(drive somebody/be/go) round the ˈbend/ˈtwist

(informal, especially British English) (make somebody/be/become) crazy: I’m going round the twist trying to repair this machine. Nothing I do seems to work.He practises the same tune all day; it drives me round the bend (= annoys me very much).
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round the bend

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John Buckley, assistant deputy coroner, concluded the Ford Fiesta had been travelling at speed round the bend and the two friends had died in a "tragic accident".
It's strange though because the fever leaves you, Always when the season comes to an end, All the stress and tension fades away, Just when your about to go round the bend.
Riders were happy after competitive racing at 7f-plus resumed yesterday, with no problems in any of the five races - featuring a total of 59 runners - that came round the bend.
DODGY car dealers have topped a watchdog's league of shame for driving customers round the bend.
And if you want to send us round the bend, Just score, my friend, Fernando.
Thousands of motorists driven round the bend by Birmingham's clogged up traffic islands will soon be able to admire them in a calendar.
If the view round the bend increases as you approach then this is an `opening' bend, and you may be able to increase your speed through and out of the bend.
SOARING petrol prices have driven motorists round the bend.
Last night, retired engineer David said: "The cars always seem to come round the bend and end up in the field.
A GANG of thieves is driving motorists round the bend - by stealing the wheels on their cars.
Businessman Simon Hirst's personalised plates are driving him round the bend.
PUSSYCAT Doll Nicole Scherzinger says her sexy stage outfits drive boyfriend Lewis Hamilton round the bend.
These days you're more likely to see me come steaming round the bend than round the bend steamin'.
Four horses went round the bend today and, taking the best advice, we have decided that it needs a bit more time to fully mature," said Redcar chief executive Neil Etherington yesterday.
The noise from these bangers is driving my dogs round the bend and making me jump even after 22 years in the Navy and being used to gunfire, soI pity the older residents of this area and the rest of Liverpool.