round the bend

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(a)round the bend

1. In close proximity to another location. Said especially when traveling by car, often when literally approaching a bend. The store isn't far from here, it's just around the bend.
2. slang Crazy It's freezing today, and you're not going to wear a coat? Have you gone around the bend?
3. slang Intoxicated from drugs or alcohol. Do you remember last night at all? You were really around the bend!
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*(a)round the bend

1. Fig. crazy; having lost sanity. (*Typically: be ~; go ~.) I think this job is sending me around the bend. She sounds like she's round the bend already.
2. intoxicated from alcohol or drugs. (*Typically: be ~; go ~.) One more of those, and you'll be around the bend. From the glassy look in her eyes, I'd say she is completely round the bend now.
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round the bend

COMMON If someone is round the bend, their ideas or behaviour are very strange or foolish. I actually used to look at mountaineers and think they were a little bit round the bend. If anyone told me a few months ago that I'd meet a marvellous person like you, I'd have said they were round the bend.
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round the bend (or twist)

crazy; mad. informal
1998 Spectator She combines a fondness for holidays in Switzerland with an amiable husband…who saves her from going completely round the bend.
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(drive somebody/be/go) round the ˈbend/ˈtwist

(informal, especially British English) (make somebody/be/become) crazy: I’m going round the twist trying to repair this machine. Nothing I do seems to work.He practises the same tune all day; it drives me round the bend (= annoys me very much).
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round the bend

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North Wales Police examiner Gary Owen Roberts said: "The tyre would have caused the car to oversteer round the bend, which would have been nearly impossible to correct."
Bus driver Geoffrey Nice said: "When I saw the car coming round the bend I thought to myself what a speed it was doing and then the driver lost control of the car.
MOTORISTS are being driven round the bend by this misleading Scots road sign.
Pop up Puppets Some are daily players, going round the bend, Some are part-time actors looking for a friend, Most are full of dreams they never want to spend, Dancing on the graves of hearts they cannot mend.
MHAIRI Gladstone was being driven round the bend when a car dealer failed to transfer her private number plate to her new motor.
The longer the run to the first turn the better, and one of those half-decent exits can see Rotar Wing nip round the bend in front and bound clear of the opposition.
As reported, officials at Elmtree Social Club, in Bishopton Road West, were being driven round the bend trying to dispose of the black Ford Escort Ghia left in their car park since before Christmas.
At times, you think you are going round the bend. At other times, you think everyone who works in "customer service" has gone round the bend.
THIS reader-recommended chippy is hidden from downhill drivers who are literally about to be sent round the bend.
PR and marketing professionals are being invited to drive other city sectors round the bend.
The winner for August 29 is GOING ROUND THE BEND, BACK LATER from Mrs M Davies of Lichfield.
COUPLES drive each other round the bend when they are in the car together,according to research published yesterday.
MOTORISTS are being driven round the bend by a phantom sign snatcher.
Recalling the incident McCoy said: ``The horse broke its shoulder halfway round the bend. I heard it snap and I thought for about three or four steps I'd get it pulled up, but it just went down.
THE M25 London orbital road sends drivers round the bend with boredom, according to a survey.