round off

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round off

1. To eliminate the decimals from a fraction in order to create a whole number, either by moving to the next lowest number when the decimals are less than one half, or moving up the next highest number when the decimals are greater than one half. A noun or pronoun can be used between "round" and "off." Please round off the figures used in your return, as failure to do so may result in delay to it being processed correctly. You can't just round the number off like that—it has to be exact!
2. To finish or complement something, especially in a perfect or appropriate way. A noun or pronoun can be used between "round" and "off." We rounded off the evening with a lovely walk through Central Park. I actually think it's nicer to round a meal off with a selection of cheeses, rather than a dessert.
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round something off (with something)

to finish something with something; to complement something with something. We rounded the meal off with a fine cognac. We rounded off the meal with a sinful dessert.
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round something off

to change a number to the next higher or lower whole number. (See also round off to something.) You should round 8.122 off. I rounded off 8.789 to 9.
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round off

1. Change a number to the closest whole number or the closest multiple of 10. For example, Rounding it off, I expect the new school addition will cost a million dollars.
2. Also, round out. Finish, complete, especially in a neat or perfect way. For example, They rounded off the dinner with a magnificent liqueur, or That stamp rounded out his collection. [Mid-1700s; variant, mid-1800s] Also see round out.
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The boys went on to compete some of the most challenging tumbles of the day in the Tumbling finals with Kallum performing round off whip, double twisting double tuck somersault, three whips flick, tucked triple back somersault, which brought rapturous applause from the audience and overall first place and the gold medal.
CUP PRIDE: Billingham Rangers Under-8s, above, matched their summer success by winning the Middlesbrough Football Club in the Community Winter Cup to round off a great 2007; TRIUMPHANT: VFM Scooters, left, cruised to an Under-9 Junior League and Cup double and also lifted the Junior Winter Cup
They then went on to complete a fantastic double by beating Liverpool & District outfit The Molly at the LCFA ground to win the coveted LCFA Sunday Premier Cup and round off a memorable season.
Clarkson fired his eighth of the season, making it 7-2 for the Devils at 37-13 to round off the five-goal second period for Cardiff, and then Mike Will took over in net for Devils for the final period of play and continued the solid netminding that Ben Bowns had given Devils for the first 40 minutes.
So we felt in today's world lets round it off and round off in many cases has gone down also from 11 to 10 and from 6 to 5 also in some cases.
The event will round off the year of celebrations the history group has held to mark the centenary of Bartley Green being part of Birmingham.
Steve opted to round off the meal with a fruity, creamy Eton mess.
Dubai Preferring to round off purchase prices at multiples of 25 fils rather than dole out exact change in 1, 5 or 10-fils coins gives the advantage to the business owner, says one UK economist.
2 overs to round off a season of such strange extremes that stats do no justice to them.
With a good number of runners and pounds 100,000 on offer, this will round off Blue Square April in good style.
On 27 minutes striker Declan Duke made it two with the first of a hat trick, he netted his second seven minutes later from a Chris Wood cross and Wood went on to round off the first half scoring with a tidy finish after Steve Codd had flicked on a ball into the box from a free kick.
There can be few better ways to round off the year than with a visit from an author as popular as Anne.
To round off a bleak day for Stenny Joe McAlpine was booked twice within two minutes for fouls.
War of attrition will round off a memorable season by competing in the Guinness Gold Cup at the Punchestown Festival.
They then had the honour of receiving the prestigious Victoria Trophy from the Sheriff of Nottingham to round off a superb day.