round here

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around here

Near to or in the vicinity of this area. Is there anywhere round here I can find a place to stay for the night?
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ˌround ˈhere

(especially British English) (American English usually aˌround ˈhere) near where you are now or where you live: There are no decent schools round here.
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I don't know anybody round here's had more sickness than Zeena.
Their numbers have grown, so while we're waiting for the next round here's a little primer of who belongs to whom:
So if you didn't catch it first time round here's your chance.
a roar of guffaws greeted this fatuous comment, drowned out only by a second, even louder deluge of laughter when one local wag chimed in: "Yes, the traffic round here's always crap
If you missed it first time round here's another chance to see the multi-talented Alistair, ably assisted by Roni Ancona, doing his hilarious take on the hit film Mrs Brown.
Another woman, who did not want to be named, said: "Everyone round here's just completely stunned.