round/in these parts

(a)round these parts

In or around this town or area. There aren't many places to buy fresh produce round these parts, so people don't have the best diets. Haven't seen you around these parts before—what's your name? Well, goodness gracious! I never thought I'd see you around these parts again!
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in these parts

In or around this specific region or locality. You won't find anything like that in these parts. I haven't seen you in these parts before—what's your name?
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in these parts

Rur. around here; in this area. There aren't any big hospitals in these parts. Joe's the richest man in these parts.
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round/in ˌthese ˈparts

(old-fashioned) in this area: We don’t see many tourists round these parts.What are the food specialities in these parts?
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