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But the Roughs took up to PS12,000 a year from Gladys.
Social workers alerted police and the Roughs were furious when officials started to investigate them.
Rough angrily confronted his mum with his fist raised, shouting: "We're not thieves!" At a 10-day trial at Stirling Sheriff Court, the Roughs insisted Gladys gave them permission to take her cash.
What "Any investment into ending the humanitarian crisis of rough sleeping has to be welcomed, and we will you Write to: M.E.N, House, Oldham, Or email: @men-work with the government to see what these proposals mean for the work we are already doing in Greater Manchester," she said.
"Here in Greater Manchester we want to end the need for rough sleeping by 2020, and this is well ahead of the government's target of 2027.
"Ending the need for rough sleeping in Greater Manchester by the end of the decade is a bold ambition - but that's how we do things here.
The number of people sleeping rough in west London has nearly doubled in seven years, according to the latest figures.
A total of 401 people were recorded as sleeping rough by west London boroughs in Autumn 2017, while figures for Autumn 2010 show just 204 rough sleepers across the region.
The biggest increase in the number of rough sleepers has been seen inEaling, with just five in Autumn 2010 and 67 in Autumn 2017.
Rough set theory is a powerful and popular machine learning method [1].
In recent decades, various kinds of models have been proposed and developed regarding the fuzzy generalisation of rough set theory.
Section 2 shortly reviews the literature regarding fuzzy logic and fuzzy sets, rough sets, fuzzy set theory, fuzzy logical operators, fuzzy relations, rough set theory, and fuzzy-rough set theory.