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Avoiding such delays in design might mean considering carefully the RF PCB laminate in terms of its conductor surface roughness.
While the surface roughness of the copper where it meets the stainless-steel drum is similar to that of RA copper, the copper surface of the deposition side facing the solution is much rougher.
The surface profile and roughness was measured using a Zygo Newview 700 (UNSW, Australia).
In this study, a smaller is better S/N ratio is considered which signify that the lower value of surface roughness is desirable.
The study found that the cross polarization (HV/HH) is sensitive to the surface roughness. Thus, the roughness influence can be removed inform the soil moisture estimation (2133(4).
We conducted analysis of variance on cutting force and surface roughness first without any interactive effects.
Since profile parameter results are not distorted by filters, they are good for exploring the effects of mechanical characteristics in the roughness measurement process.
However, the deposition morphology is different when the roughness changes.
[5] to test the reliability of ANN in the prediction of surface roughness values when machining Brass C26000 material in dry cutting condition on a CNC turning machine.
In terms of isolated roughness, the research of distributed roughness is less [18, 27, 28].
The corresponding shear strength of J2 is greater than that of J1 because the roughness of the former is larger than that of the latter.
The roughness are assumed to follow a Gaussian distribution.
* Evaluation of scoring generation due to surface roughness (Stochastic approach)