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Penalties -- Stamkos, TB (goaltender interference), 1:58; R.Callahan, TB (roughing), 16:34; Miller, Det (roughing), 16:34; Coburn, TB (cross-checking), 18:46.
Plunge roughing, still an unfamiliar machining technique to many in the manufacturing industry, uses a drill-type toolpath motion to remove material faster by applying more power in the Z direction.
This provides an efficient roughing process since the roughing line can be optimized, but it has the disadvantage of requiring a complex set of plumbing and valving.
Penalties -- Stamkos, TB (delay of game), 3:56; Paquette, TB (roughing), 4:03; Chara, Bos, served by R.Smith (roughing, boarding, roughing), 4:03; Brown, TB, served by Drouin, double minor (roughing), 9:34; Krejci, Bos (roughing), 9:34; Paquette, TB, double minor (roughing), 19:58; Chara, Bos, double minor (roughing), 19:58; Marchand, Bos, misconduct, 19:58.
Penalties -- Bergeron, Bos (tripping), 7:32; Cunningham, Bos (interference), 9:08; Donovan, NYI (interference), 11:14; Clutterbuck, NYI (roughing), 15:04; Chara, Bos, served by Soderberg (roughing, unsportsmanlike conduct), 15:04.
Penalties -- Thornton, Bos (holding), 1:32; Tatar, Det (hooking), 3:21; Kindl, Det (interference), 8:15; DeKeyser, Det (slashing), 9:54; Tatar, Det (roughing), 18:48; DeKeyser, Det (roughing), 18:48; Marchand, Bos (roughing), 18:48; Hamilton, Bos (roughing), 18:48; B.Smith, Det (roughing), 20:00; Chara, Bos (roughing), 20:00.
Penalties-Tarasov Wor (hooking), 0:47; Diamond Bri (roughing), 9:58; Keenan Bri (delay of game), 18:04.