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This is an outstanding format for roughing deep cuts while speeding up machining time.
Solution Ware Corporation's Geopath plunge roughing feature gives users the ability to do the above with more control than previous systems, which allows for more uses:
1) no caption (book: ``Recipes for Roughing It Easy'')
If it is not possible to route new ducts and pipes through existing walls and ceilings, creative alternatives are available, such as creating plenums, using false ceilings, new partition walls, closets or exterior shafts to house new roughing.
New Norton VRF bonded diamond wheels eliminate the need to use a two-wheel roughing and finishing operation to sharpen polycrystalline cutting tools.
Roughing it: USC strong safety Troy Polamalu had the double distinction of being called for roughing the punter and roughing the snapper on successive punts in the first half.
Single pass roughing and finishing is achieved by offsetting the roughing head from the finishing diameter and then lowering the finishing insert to allow the rougher to lead.
Penalties for roughing the snapper or roughing a passer have been stiffened.
As part of its Unix-based Cim Cut automated NC programming software for sculptured surfaces, the firm offers a roughing module for injection molds, models, tooling aids, and fixtures.
In contrast, a roughing end mill is designed to take metal off fast, and it is built to resist deflection and chatter.