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Copper roughness, especially on the roughest samples, proved the most challenging aspect to get correct.
Get your topo maps and aerial photos out and find the thickest cover, roughest terrain and hardest-to-reach locations.
Throughout the roughest of surroundings and harshest weather conditions it remains strong and thrives," the 31-year-old star added.
trucks that you can steer and easily, but if necessary you can aim over the roughest terrain men can ride over .
For long load and carry operations, the optional Glide Ride feature with the Super Boom design ensures a smooth ride over the roughest job site.
Stereotype or not, these men deal in one of the roughest sports going and so imagining them delicately decorating cakes or whisking an egg over a prettily-painted bowl isn't something that springs to mind.
Designed for long life, the corrosion resistant components, durable housing and center pivot design of the CS3 Bang/Bang joystick allow for 20 million mechanical cycles and enable this joystick to withstand abuse in even the roughest of environments.
This is the kind of behaviour you'd expect after hours outside the roughest pubs, not in the middle of the day in a busy shopping area in one of our major cities.
Summary: Duisburg, Germany, July 19, 2010, SPA -- Germany&'s police union asked today for Turkish police officers to help them deal with delinquents in the roughest areas of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany&'s largest state.
What is the life of a real spy during the roughest times of the cold war?
When he'd finally released Gangsta for Life: The Symphony of David Brooks in 2007, the album played like a collection of the previous year and a half's roughest but also biggest tunes.
The man who has made the German event his own - a rally which features the roughest asphalt stages on the calendar - is equally at home on smooth tarmac or rutted roads and the general 1-5 that's on offer looks a fair, if untempting, reflection of his chances.
THREE men are driving across some of the roughest terrain in the French Alps to raise cash for a cancer charity, as a tribute to their brave friend.
The struggle to survive is the roughest struggle of all.
67Nm Egyptian Grand Prix is expected to be the roughest of the Class 1 World Championship.