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In all tests a scavenging flotation was conducted and scavenger concentrate was mixed along with rougher concentrate.
Ravens respond to calls from previously unknown individuals with even lower and rougher calls and thus try to increase the acoustic perceivable body-size -- akin to humans, where larger people have lower voices than smaller ones and angry humans use rougher-sounding voices.
Smooth and rough surfaces are intuitively easy to distinguish, but is tree bark rougher than a road surface?
I told him he has to be rougher because he is so soft and that is why they keep pushing him around.
To investigate the significance of melt and mold temperatures for the surface roughness effect, an impact factor k, defined as the ratio of flow area of the rougher half with the flow area of the entire molded part, was used.
The only difference in the purchased product you bring home is that it will be aged or composted and of a finer texture than the original, rougher material.
I drove that mower for two years and then passed it on to my son, whose three acres were rougher than mine.
Kaye Hooper is the author of the National MS Society booklet "Managing Progressive MS", which outlines symptom management and coping strategies when progressive MS makes the road rougher.
I found the automatic shift a little rougher than I like, but I prefer manual transmissions anyway.
On the same wall, a rougher gold paint and ink on paper drawing spells out the phrase PLACE IS THE SPACE, within a pie chart-like diagram, an allusion to Sun Ra's cult concert film, Space Is the Place (1974).
The SERF tool accomplishes the dual benefit through unique Sinusoidal Edge Rougher Finisher geometry, which serves as a shearing action in the cut and reduces impact forces resulting in longer tool life, fewer cutting forces, greater federates, and reduced noise.
Extended soft-nip calendering produced opposite effects, including a rougher surface, non-uniform thickness, and less print mottle.
YOU can count me into the survey of 47 per cent of women who prefer their men a bit rougher than the new men we're supposed to like.
Jemma and Jade, two sisters also in foster care, are rougher than she is used to, but end up liking Cosy in spite of her being a "posh" speaker.
The tools are titanium aluminum nitride coated and can remove as much material as a conventional rougher while achieving excellent surface finishes in one pass.