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It was more akin to a mellow singing; and it was not long before Kwaque could lead his voice up and down, in rough time and tune, within a definite register.
stead of taking to the woods when I run off, I'd go down the river about fifty mile and camp in one place for good, and not have such a rough time tramping on foot.
I've had a fairly rough time, and I'm glad to tell you this, Miss Wendermott - I don't believe I'd ever have succeeded but for your nephew Fred.
We had a rough time for a month, tramping to and fro in the earth, and suffering.
I daresay Smith had a rough time of it that evening with one noise and another, and this insane, disturbing voice crying obstinately through the door only added to his irritation.
His life, like that of all French soldiers, has been made up of bullets, sabre strokes, and victories; he has had a very rough time of it, and has only worn the woolen epaulettes.
You look as if you had been having a rough time of it yourself," she said.
There he did some brave deeds, some cruel deeds, there he lived to the full the life of a soldier as it was in those rough times, making all Ireland ring with his name.
You've gone safely through rough times with rough men, and it would be a shame to have something happen to you at the very end.
The case comes at a time when the banking sector already facing a rough time amidst biggest banking fraud totalling over Rs 11,400 crore as state-run lender PNB has alleged that two of its employees colluded with firms linked to well-known jewellers Nirav Modi and his uncle, Mehul Choksi.
By BRENDA OKOTHbrDear Brenda,I'm a final year university student going through a rough time.
They love this club and we as players love this club but it was a rough time, the last two weeks "We deserved the win but the fans deserved the win especially.
The 22-year-old told The Times magazine: "After 2012 I had a rough time getting back into training.
He's had a rough time lately, not even getting on the bench for five matches.
Bedworth rough Time is in the same series as John's Bulkington rough Time and Ansty, Barnacle and Shilton rough Time, both of which were published last year.