rough idea

*rough idea (about something)

 and *rough idea (of something)
a general idea; an estimate. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I need to get a rough idea of how many people will be there. I'll manage to get a rough idea. That's good enough.
See also: idea, rough
References in classic literature ?
Yet at the last I had a rough idea of what I meant to say when the door was opened.
I had a rough idea which direction to drive in, but, still uncertain of the exact location, I headed east on the A19.
To get a rough idea what it will look like check out this concept car that was on VW's Detroit show stand this week.
jhtml#id=1728884) MTV at the Comic-Con, the lissome actor said that they get a rough idea and the story pitch before they get the script, and that he knows what is going to happen in the upcoming series.
Identifying closet indexers is not a piece of cake, but you can get a rough idea by looking at a fund's "R-squared'' number, which reflects the percentage of its performance that can be explained by its benchmark's returns.
They need to have a rough idea of how many people intend to claim at the inquests and for what period of time, so they can begin to work out how the money may be used to best effect.
They really are easy to use, too: You only need minimal data to use these calculators - typically the amount you want to borrow, the loan term and the interest rate; if you have an idea of how much property taxes you'd likely pay or a rough idea of home insurance costs, so much the better.
2012 was bought filters for about 600 000, the volume is not binding but is intended to give a rough idea of ?
Kejriwal accepted it was a unstructured way of conducting the referendum but it gave the party a rough idea about the people's view on the issue.
You have a rough idea, but we've got to get everybody fit from international duty.
We have a rough idea about the total number of people that stretch can hold and how much time it would take for a middle- aged man to cross the stretch.
EoACAoAdvertising the car for sale through newspaper classifieds or websites will also help you get a rough idea of the amount your car is likely to get.
We have a rough idea on how the governorate will look like after three years and it will be up to the people to give us more than we expect.
To get the vitals and grizzly nature of travel, one must hit the road with no plan and maybe a rough idea of destination.
For those who didn't experience The Passion, The Gospel Of Us gives you a rough idea of what happened during those three extraordinary days.