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Again he listened, fancying he heard a distant sound in the house; then he felt in his pocket for a match, and kneeling down, passed its light slowly over the rough edges of snow about the doorstep.
High in the midst exalted as a God Th' Apostat in his Sun-bright Chariot sate Idol of Majestie Divine, enclos'd With Flaming Cherubim, and golden Shields; Then lighted from his gorgeous Throne, for now 'Twixt Host and Host but narrow space was left, A dreadful interval, and Front to Front Presented stood in terrible array Of hideous length: before the cloudie Van, On the rough edge of battel ere it joyn'd, SATAN with vast and haughtie strides advanc't, Came towring, armd in Adamant and Gold; ABDIEL that sight endur'd not, where he stood Among the mightiest, bent on highest deeds, And thus his own undaunted heart explores.
The rough edges of each life rubbed dull by contact.
The band's music is raw and energetic, fueled by a current of emotion that gives character to the songs' punkish rough edges.
Admitting that all the15 players in the squad were looking forward to the opportunity to play in England, McCullum said that however, it is important to build on their 107-run win over Derbyshire when they face England's 'A' side in the four-day match so that the rough edges they showed against Derbyshire can be ironed out quickly.
Some called the metal quid a "Maggie" because it was hard, with rough edges and pretended to be a sovereign.
The Yorkshire youngster admits he has rough edges to smooth off but hopes to keep his place to face Blackburn at Villa Park on Saturday.
It's frightening to imagine just how good he can become once Cecil irons out the rough edges and brings him to peak fitness in time for the Classics.
But it's those bourbon-soaked rough edges and raw energy that make Exile a masterpiece.
He is not the finished article by any means and you don't have to look too hard to see the rough edges on his game.
Tirso Serrano, Assistant General Manager of the Manila International Airport Authority, said: "We have been able to smoothen out the rough edges and the glitches that we have observed in the past simulation runs, and this has really brought us to a higher level of confidence.
They should also choose toys with care and check for the age limit; avoid toys with rough edges, sharp points or small parts.
Take 10 minutes to make it smooth with no rough edges
Good value and good at the job, these nail files are great for smoothing the rough edges without taking too much nail.
I think he's been so locked in for so long that every pitcher is going to go through some rough edges here and there,'' Scioscia said.