a raw/rough deal

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raw deal

An unfair situation or poor treatment. Mandy really got a raw deal at that job. They passed her over for so many promotions!
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*raw deal

an instance of unfair or bad treatment. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Mary got a raw deal on her traffic ticket. She was innocent, but she had to pay a big fine. I bought a used TV that worked for two days and then quit. I sure got a raw deal. You sure had a raw deal.
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raw deal

An instance of unfair or harsh treatment, as in After 25 years with the bank Bob got a raw deal-no pension, no retirement benefits of any kind, just a gold watch. Raw here means "crude" or "unfair." [First half of 1900s]
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a raw (or rough) deal

a situation in which someone receives unfair or harsh treatment. informal
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a raw/rough ˈdeal

unfair treatment: Many old people feel they are getting a raw deal from the state: they pay money towards a pension all their working life but discover it isn’t worth much when they retire.
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a raw deal

n. an unfair deal; unfair treatment. My last job was a raw deal. I hope this is better.
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raw deal

An instance of unfair treatment: got a raw deal from our insurance company.
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References in classic literature ?
When I did rise, about two hours later, I had forgotten the circumstance; the first thing I saw, however, on quitting my chamber, recalled it; just pushed in at the door of my sitting-room, and still standing on end, was a wooden packing-case--a rough deal affair, wide but shallow; a porter had doubtless shoved it forward, but seeing no occupant of the room, had left it at the entrance.
Beckham believes the Scot endured a rough deal at United and would enjoy working in the USA.
A cousin of the mouse - the lowly rat - has had a comparatively rough deal. Not for it the exalted place reserved for the mouse.
In the recent six-day talks between the Taliban and the US held in Qatar, last month, US Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad had informed that the Taliban had reportedly reached a rough deal with Kabul over peace reconciliation in the region.
Commuters are now being impacted as a result, with Mole Valley District Councillor for Dorking North David Draper describing it as a "rough deal" for those who travel daily.
Summary: Not all housemaids get a rough deal. There are many who are treated with respect and dignity and cared for like a family member.
With lots of SMEs not having enough time to shop around for the best deals, many are getting a rough deal and that is why we are entering the market.'
AIRLINE passengers get a "rough deal" from budget carriers charging for add-on extras, a campaigning MP will warn next week.
'I said all the way back after the Asian Games in Korea, I thought that was a rough deal for Chot.
"There are some characters who get a rough deal in life.
Head coach Baxter reckons his talented midfielder Henry Slade got a rough deal from the national outfit after suffering a gruesome injury just before Christmas.
"Many graduates may feel like it's a rough deal right now.
Considering that even I've heard of him (he joins the exclusive list of 'modern artists Kristian recognises the name of' alongside Banksy and, errr, well, that's it), it's a bit of a rough deal for our local talents.
Local lads sometimes get a rough deal. Their loyalty can be taken for granted.