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talk rot

1. To say foolish things; to talk of nonsense. Don't pay Jonathan any mind, Mary, he's just talking rot again.
2. To exaggerate one's achievements or knowledge of some subject; to bluff or boast. Dorothy keeps saying she can outrun anyone in our school, but she's talking rot if you ask me. It seemed like the candidate was talking rot for a while when the debate turned to the topic of tax policy and law.
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dry rot

A plant disease caused by fungi that thrives in humid, poorly-ventilated areas and causes wood to decay. The contractor thinks that dry rot has caused this part of the roof to cave in.
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stop the rot

To prevent further damage, loss, negative effects, etc., during a problematic situation. If we don't stop the rot now, the company might be in jeopardy of collapsing. We don't have time to figure out a long-term solution. For now, we just have to stop the rot.
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the rot sets in

The situation deteriorates. When you start charging everything to credit cards, that's when the rot sets in, and you've dug a hole too big to get out of. It's clear that the management isn't trying to retain this as a viable business. The rot has set in for sure.
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rot out

1. To become decayed or decomposed and start disintegrating. Often used in passive constructions. You can see that the floorboards are starting to rot out, so we'll need to pull everything up and start from scratch. It wasn't until we were already on the water that I realized the hull of the ship had rotted out.
2. To cause something to decay or decompose and begin disintegrating as a result. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "rot" and "out." Damp has rotted out the wood beneath the staircase, meaning the whole thing could collapse at any second. You're going to rot Zoe's teeth out with the amount of sugary snacks you let her eat!
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rot away

to decompose; to decompose and fall away. The fallen trees rotted away and surrendered their nutrients to the soil. As the wood rotted away, it became rich humus.
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rot off

to decompose. If you don't clean and repaint that old windowsill, it will rot off. A few old branches finally rotted off, but the ancient tree looked as if it would survive the wet spell.
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rot out

to decompose and fall out. If you don't clean your teeth regularly, they'll rot out! Some of the rafters in the shed rotted out, but we replaced them easily.
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the rot sets in

a rapid succession of (usually unaccountable) failures begins.
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the rot sets ˈin

a situation starts to get worse: The rot really set in when the team’s best player left the club last year.
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stop the ˈrot

stop something getting worse, especially in politics or business: Our company’s profits were falling, so a new director was appointed to stop the rot.
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rot out

1. To become completely hollow or ruined by decay or decomposition: If you don't see a dentist, your teeth will rot out. The abandoned building might collapse because its walls have rotted out.
2. To cause something to become completely hollow or ruined by decay or decomposition: The water from the leaky sink rotted out the floor boards. All that candy will rot your teeth out.
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n. a skin irritation or disease characterized by itching in the genital area, usually said of males. (see also grunge.) What will get rid of crotch-rot?


n. nonsense. Don’t give me any more of your rot. Speak straight with me.

Rots of ruck!

exclam. Lots of luck! (Mocking a Japanese pronunciation.) Have a good trip, and rots of ruck!
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software rot

n. an imaginary disease that causes computer programs to go bad over a long period of time. (Computers.) What you have here is not a bug, but just plain old software rot.
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The Shiv Sena's Manohar Joshi demanded a joint parliamentary committee to probe the issue of rotting foodgrain.
A blowfly can smell rotting flesh from up to a mile away.
Do maggots crawling out of rotting bodies gross her out?
Fungus may invade this damaged area and cause rotting.
In the worst case the rotting carcasses of 220 lambs, sheep and goats were discovered at the end of February dumped in woodland near Llanybydder in north Carmarthenshire.
One farmer who left 17 rotting sheep and lamb carcasses on his land as a bait so he could shoot stray dogs and foxes was fined pounds 4,500; a Burnley farmer who let 16 sheep and cow carcasses rot in her fields was fined a similar amount, and a third farmer with rotting sheep carcasses and unregistered cattle was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison suspended for 18 months, a six-month supervision order, and pounds 1,165 costs.
PHOTO (Color) Wood from a rotting oak tree estimated to be several hundred years old is removed from a restaurant parking lot Wednesday.
He said district workers have managed to keep things looking clean and good on the surface, but rusting pipes and rotting plasterboard lie under the polished, tidy exteriors.
But on closer look, the water appears brownish-green, and some of its once-booming beaches are covered with rotting fish and dead barnacles.
Federal biologists speculate that's what happened this summer when 13,000 birds fell to avian botulism, a toxin that formed in the rotting bellies of sick fish.
The tilapia fish examined at Shipley's lab were so sick that they appeared to be rotting alive.
Bones, skulls and bits of rotting clothes - the remains of 1992 war victims - emerged from the mud Friday as teams began digging to uncover the secrets of Bosnia's killing fields.