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In her diary (AWM DRL 1857) Jeffrey said that leaving the wounded "was the rottenest thing I've ever done in my life".
Picked the rottenest apple off the tree, worms and all.
John Buchanan, Sr., of Summer and Smoke(9) berates himself for having brought over five hundred babies into the world and given himself the "rottenest one of the bunch." His influence over his son is so overpowering that young "Dr.
The wise Solomon said that "envy is the rottenest of bones," implying that unrestrained feelings of envy always damage relationships.
(1753) Het Westelykste Gedeelte van 't Land vande Eendragt of Nova Hollandia Strekkende van het Eyland Rottenest lot voorby de Willems Rivier.
As usual, an indignant Kim does not mince her words and awards domestic delinquent Georgina "the prize for the dirtiest, rottenest hovel".
He claimed later to have had no expectation that Back to Methuselah, which had received its world premiere in New York, would be produced in Britain within his lifetime - least of all in a city generally regarded as 'the rottenest of the rotten' on the theatrical circuit.