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rotate on (something)

1. To turn on or spin around a particular axis or central point. The damage from the accident resulted in the wheels no longer rotating on the front axle properly.
2. To cause something to turn on or spin around a particular axis or central point. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rotate" and "on." If you rotate the ball on the tip of your finger quickly enough, the centripetal force will keep it balanced in place.
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rotate on something

to spin on something; to pivot on something. This wheel rotates on this little red jewel on the main frame of the watch. The record rotates on this device, which is called a turntable.
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In 2012, compressors were calculated as making up the largest share of the rotating machinery market, taking 49.3% of total revenues.
In order to find the approximate solution of the rotating composite shaft, the quantities u(x, t), v(x, t), w(x, t), and [phi](x, t) are assumed in the form
In this work, fiber angle was signed by the angle between fiber aligned direction and wheel rotating direction.
But, on the other hand, he believes the Hungarians have taken on board the new institutional architecture and will not attempt to "recalibrate" the role of the rotating Presidency.
The website includes multiple galleries of DeLime Imaging's photographs, including interactive rotating images, product animation images and high resolution photographs.
Consider an enclosed porous rotating disk which has a constant angular velocity [omega], with uniform suction velocity normal to the disk [v.sub.0] (see Figure 1).
Not all mentioned measures can be applied to improve the shape of the curves of rotating magnetomotive forces of all types of the three-phase windings and the shapes of electromotive forces.
The B 150 stretch wrapper has a rotating arm and can operate at speeds up to 60 pallets per hour.
Meeting place: The layer between cold air above and warm air below, called the cap, sometimes starts rotating with incoming weather fronts.
Ansys v10 can also account for inertia in rotating structures during modal, transient, and harmonic analysis, in either a stationary or rotating reference frame.
with a 3-cu.ft.tub is now available with a rotating divider that creates multiple compartments for individual part deburring and a sound hood that keeps noise to a low level.
The oscillating field is represented as a sum of clockwise and counterclockwise rotating fields, [H.sub.1](exp(i[omega]t) + exp(-i[omega]t)).
Release the top of the left leg to the ground, rotating the thigh slightly inward, and press the top of your foot, shinbone, knee, and thigh on the mat.
The truck, which seats the driver in an ergonomically favorable position, facing the direction of travel and with an unobstructed field of vision, features a rotating cabin that can be rotated 30 degrees to the left as well as 180 degrees to the right with the Multipilot control.
VPCAR works by sending the waste stream across a wiped-film rotating disk evaporator, which removes inorganic salts and nonvolatile large-molecular-weight organic contaminants.