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rotate on something

to spin on something; to pivot on something. This wheel rotates on this little red jewel on the main frame of the watch. The record rotates on this device, which is called a turntable.
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Rotate the spool so the check/fill plug is horizontal.
At the same time, rotate the forearms back, releasing the contraction of the upper back muscles.
They must rotate together, communicate, stop the penetration, and then recover quickly to their regular players.
The laser system uses a four-axis manipulator equipped with proportional valves that rotate or move the part laterally until the laser line is on the correct cut line.
In this four-station mold-transfer system, each mold carousel is held by one of four pairs of electronically operated arms that are arranged in a pinwheel and rotate around a common center.
While most of us slow down as we become senior citizens, some elderly stars rotate faster and faster as they age.
The last key is to have the secondary rotate rather than converge, as shown in Diag.
ShopLocal campaigns now rotate evenly based on their assigned weight and expire when their goals have been met, allowing for smooth ad distribution across its entire site network.
Conservation of angular momentum dictates that if the star was rotating, the resulting black hole should rotate even faster.
The coaching cue for Standing Throw #2 is rotate and lift.
Theorists conjectured that such radiation, produced by blobs of gas that rapidly rotate in and out of view, might wax and wane in brightness every few thousandths of a second.
Boyer proposed almost 20 years ago, before F1-ATPase's complete structure was known, that it must rotate to catalyze ATP formation.
In the past, OEMs developing mobile A/V products have been obliged to use displays designed for PDA applications which are portrait oriented displays, but have had to tax the computational power from the microprocessor or DSP chip to rotate the images into a landscape orientation.