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everything in the garden is rosy

Everything is going well. Often used in the negative. I doubt that everything in the garden is rosy for them—I think their happiness is just an act.
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everything in the garden is ˈlovely/ˈrosy

(British English, saying, often ironic) everything is satisfactory, is going well, or could not be better: She pretends that everything in the garden is rosy, but I’ve heard that she’s heavily in debt.

paint a terrible, depressing, rosy, etc. ˈpicture (of somebody/something)

describe something in a particular way; give a particular impression of somebody/something, often a negative one: You paint a depressing picture of your childhood!People who don’t like students paint the worst possible picture of their behaviour.The book paints a vivid picture of life in the city.
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mod. good; satisfactory. (As a life that is seen through rose-colored glasses.) Things are looking rosy now that the economy is improving.
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When you go to another country I don't think people should expect that you walk in and bring in your ideas - ideas that may be different to those a lot of the players and staff are used to - and everything will just go rosily.
Just as interesting is the Transit Art Cafe, a delightful laid-back place in the city where Rosily Geri, 37, a local baker's daughter, has transformed a 1960s' former bus station into a restaurant and centre for the arts.
But even as we complicate early modern London's cosmopolitanism by insisting on its complicities with practices of exclusion, we can all too easily reproduce an interpretive tendency endemic to modern multiculturalism: that is, understanding the relations between London's different cultures (whether linguistic, religious, or ethnic) in simply secular and spatial terms, as the favored American images of the mosaic and the rainbow or, less rosily, the ghetto and the gated community all suggest.
cucullata (Born) from Airlie Island, Rosily Island, Varanus Island, Hermite Island, King Bay and East Lewis Island in the north of Western Australia are infected by a second species of pathogenic haplosporidan protozoan, Haplosporidium sp.
speaking rosily of a Cubs team that finished 79-83 and fourth in the NL Central last season.
And if the programmed events are any indication, they are bouncing back rosily.
Property, a frequently occurring word in this story, is the object of adoration that triggers wordplay: "Shoes, the rug--he saw the rug--and the foot of a table rising from the weave, thickening as it treed its top--was it rosily wooded?