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everything in the garden is rosy

Everything is going well. Often used in the negative. I doubt that everything in the garden is rosy for them—I think their happiness is just an act.
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paint a (some kind of) picture of (something)

To give an elaborate or detailed description of something that portrays it in a specific way. The board meeting painted a pretty grim picture of the company's future. Jonathan always paints an idyllic picture of our childhood, glossing over the bad memories of our father.
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everything in the garden is ˈlovely/ˈrosy

(British English, saying, often ironic) everything is satisfactory, is going well, or could not be better: She pretends that everything in the garden is rosy, but I’ve heard that she’s heavily in debt.

paint a terrible, depressing, rosy, etc. ˈpicture (of somebody/something)

describe something in a particular way; give a particular impression of somebody/something, often a negative one: You paint a depressing picture of your childhood!People who don’t like students paint the worst possible picture of their behaviour.The book paints a vivid picture of life in the city.
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mod. good; satisfactory. (As a life that is seen through rose-colored glasses.) Things are looking rosy now that the economy is improving.
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While creating works such as Hot House and Kitchen I, Rosier also produced a series of collages protesting the Vietnam War, several of which were published in the feminist press or distributed as flyers at antiwar rallies.
In China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, additional problems arise as patients often obtain modern medical care along with older, traditional methods, with both sets of treatment undocumented and occasionally contradictory, Rosier said.
Even sophisticated readers can be misled, for example, by graphics that make company performance look rosier (or gloomier) than it is.
The three self-professed collectors--Gilbert Osmond, Edward Rosier, and Ralph Touchett (Ralph being the most discreet of the three)--live permanently abroad, as if in continual uprootedness, and travel about England and the continent at their leisure.
Managers tell me that their cynics may be irritating, but they're usually productive and reliable--and less demanding than those who believe in rosier scenarios.
Custom processors' outlook was rosier than ever going into the new year.
The apparent success of the $674 million Hubble mission may usher in a rosier future for manned space flight as well as buoy NASA's sagging reputation.
The outlook, according to Sowell, is not much rosier.
Today's appointments include Yves Sandfort, general manager of Compiere EMEA GmbH; Kyle Rosier, director of sales for the Americas; Hemant 'Sunny' Gosain, vice president of development and customer support; and Bill Freedman, director of marketing.
Coolants, the sludge from paint booths, the process water from industrial surface cleaning operations, or the process water from the treatment of glass and ceramic materials whenever it comes to the cleaning/recycling of industrial liquids, the Rosier proven centrifugal filtering technology offers numerous economic and technical benefits.
Meanwhile, figures from business and professional services - including accountancy, law and marketing - painted a rosier picture, with both volumes and profitability up.
With over $250 million in annual sales and 80 years of experience, Rosier is the world leader in mass finishing and shot blasting.
uk | For more information, call Annette on 0121 449 4304 or Jane Rosier on 0121 459 4231.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 11, 2013-NuStar Energy LP names W Grady Rosier to board(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Ellise Rosier was described by doctors as a "miracle baby" after being born five weeks premature and weighing only 4lb and 14oz.