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everything in the garden is rosy

Everything is going well. Often used in the negative. I doubt that everything in the garden is rosy for them—I think their happiness is just an act.
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everything in the garden is ˈlovely/ˈrosy

(British English, saying, often ironic) everything is satisfactory, is going well, or could not be better: She pretends that everything in the garden is rosy, but I’ve heard that she’s heavily in debt.

paint a terrible, depressing, rosy, etc. ˈpicture (of somebody/something)

describe something in a particular way; give a particular impression of somebody/something, often a negative one: You paint a depressing picture of your childhood!People who don’t like students paint the worst possible picture of their behaviour.The book paints a vivid picture of life in the city.
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mod. good; satisfactory. (As a life that is seen through rose-colored glasses.) Things are looking rosy now that the economy is improving.
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I fell asleep with her on my arm," said Miss Rosier, who also has a 20-month-old son, Cameron.
Mr Rosier currently holds the following shares in the Company's ordinary
Through these cut-and-paste interventions, Rosier recharges the original slogans and advertising copy ("Isn't It Nice to Feel Feminine Again?
The long view takes into account the service providers who will carry all the traffic, and for them the picture is much rosier.
Company Director Anthony Rosier told Kirsty's mum, Jackie, that if he had allowed the cheques to go through the firm would have faced huge bank charges as they didn't have the money to support the cheques.
In the Hong Kong and Singapore areas, in particular, people can access a number of doctors for the same complaint, and government control of physicians, hospitals and medical information is rudimentary at best, Rosier said.
A budget presented to the Council of General Synod in November by treasurer Jim Cullen gave a rosier picture than had been painted a year ago.
They've had to trim staff and budgets, and their markets don't look any rosier than yours.
Rosier attributes the change to the new emphasis on fun and improving relationships, explaining that when the sales team meets certain goals, they cook breakfast for the shop people.
But he realized that if he was going to make a real dent in the problem, "I couldn't be the only one taking in gay rosier kids.
Written by former White House Editor, Sharolyn Rosier Hyson, the book is a stark tribute to Clinton's legacy in Africa and a keepsake for all who dared to journey with him.
CHRIS TURNER'S future suddenly looks rosier following Hartlepool's maximum 12-point holiday haul.
Things have never looked rosier for New Jersey building owners, managers, and developers.
Such is the case with Jeanne Rosier Smith's Writing Tricksters.
The creation of Momentum in November 1998 was a cunning ploy by PeopleSoft to give its profit and loss accounts a rosier look by eliminating that huge R&D spend which, alas, software companies need to stay in business (CI No 3,540).