rope together

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rope something together

to tie or bind up a thing or things with rope. Rope this carton together and put it in the trunk of the car. Rope together these two packages and take them to the truck.
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O'Malley said the unit was based on a pan-union and pan-professional partnership, and that Annals had been responsible for gathering the strands of the rope together to create something robust.
Climbers rope together for the summit approach, and in its worst year 40 people died on Rainier.
It had two big drawbacks: One, the grain would rope together as it rowed off of the straps of metal being pulled by the sickle bar.
It is impressive that Bradley is able to rope together references to Singin' in the Rain, German silent-film director F.
That knot is also used to join two ends of the same rope together to make a continuous loop, which you'll need to tie the Prusik Knot, easily the most elegant of the basic knots.
So rope together the most awesome leg power at your disposal and enter
Nice touches include Anglade and Soo buoyantly jumping rope together and a genuinely funny scene in which a post-race official demands a heartier urine sample, proclaiming: "You must pee -- it's the law.