rope into

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rope (one) into (doing) (something)

To persuade, entice, or enlist someone to do or participate in something. I really didn't want to sing in the talent show, but Janet roped me into it. I managed to rope few friends into helping us move out on Saturday.
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rope someone into something

 and rope someone in
Fig. to cause someone to get involved in some project. She's always trying to rope me into her club. Let's rope in someone to help with cleaning up.
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rope into

To persuade someone to do something by means of trickery or deception: A dishonorable salesman roped us into buying worthless property.
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They were in three parties; of whom the first, as the most numerous and important, was the slowest, and had been overtaken by one of the others on the way up.
And when I wrote slowest and smeared but with my finger most, father was best pleased, as he stood looking over me.
Use your right hand to thread the end of the lower rope into the loop.
The Prow'' soars 45 feet in the air and provides more challenging climbs, including ``lead'' climbs where climbers clip the safety rope into carabiners anchored to the wall as they ascend.
Double the rope over and grasp both ends while stuffing the remainder of the rope into the cylinder.
They wear a harness and must follow the route, clipping the rope into carabiners along the way.