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Table-2: Frequency of number of apical foramina (%) in mesial and distal roots of mandibular first molars as reported in the literature.
If true, Root's reported near-complete financing round would rival the fundraising efforts of another InsurTech startup in recent months.
d) In fact, because of the strong semantic load of the roots, it is quite difficult to determine the distinction between nonlinear root and template formed words on the one hand, and linear stem plus suffix words on the other.
Roots sustain the live branches and leaves above the ground.
Tooth movement is enabled in orthodontic treatment due to tissue biological response which leads to inflammatory root resorption and bone remodeling adjacent to the root structure of the teeth.1,2 Apical shortening is great area of concern for an orthodontist because it can proceed to non reversible consequences for the sustenance of teeth.1,3 This has been present in almost all the teeth which are studied for histological examination after they are treated orthodontically.
Authors introduce the idea that bacteria can induce root formation in different plant cutting (Bassil et al., 1991;Esitken et al., 2003; Ercisli et al., 2003; Kaymak et al., 2008; Erturk et al.,2008; Erturk et al.,2010).
According to the assessment criteria, 254 (72.8%) roots presented a desirable outcome (success), whereas 95 (27.2%) roots presented an undesirable outcome (failure).
Like my roots but not, liquid, soft, slower, smaller.
If planting must be delayed, I keep the tree cool and its roots moist by storing it on the cool, north side of my house with its roots covered with moist soil or mulch.
[Table 1] shows the prevalence of various root canal morphologies identified in maxillary premolars based on the number of roots.
Finally the number of roots, root length (cm), root fresh and dry weight (g), number of leaves, number of sprouts, shoot length, sprout length and survival percentage (%) of each cutting were recorded 90 days after planting.
Diagnosing root dilacerations before commencing root canal treatment is essential to allow proper and safe use of endodontic instruments within the confines of the curved roots.
To investigate the reinforcement ability of different types of plant roots in soil under the action of freezing and thawing, the tensile strength of the system was investigated by conducting pull-out experiments between the root systems of single-root plants and soil under freeze-thaw cycles.
[USPRwire, Mon Aug 26 2019] Valerian root oil Market is expected to rise with a single digit growth rate of 7.9% in the forecast period.