root (something) in (something)

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root (something) in (something)

To place something, especially a plant, into something else in order for it to grow roots. I couldn't root any of the vegetables in my back yard because the soil was fool of rocks. You should root the flowers in pots before attempting to plant them in the ground.
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root something in something

to start a plant growing roots in something. I tried to root the plants in sand, but they died. You have to root this kind of tree in very rich soil.
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rooted in something

based on something; connected to a source or cause. The civil war was rooted in old cultural hatred. This fictional book was rooted in actual events.
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root in

1. To cause something, as a plant, to grow roots in something: The gardener rooted the plant in good soil.
2. To have something as a primary source or origin. Used in the passive: Homelessness is very often rooted in poverty. The word "tantalize" is rooted in Greek mythology.
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