rooted in

rooted in something

based on something; connected to a source or cause. The civil war was rooted in old cultural hatred. This fictional book was rooted in actual events.
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References in classic literature ?
For all anybody knows," he said, pointing to a hillside across the creek bottom, "the moss under the snow there may be plumb rooted in nugget gold.
SEE MER 28/2/2011) Lebanon's system of government is rooted in a 1943 power-sharing agreement adopted along confessional lines after the country won its independence from France.
Some organizations rooted in African-American communities are making the connections between their struggles and the struggles that immigrant communities are facing.
I like to think of the library as rooted in neighborhoods,'' she said.
Many reggae songs incorporate proverbs in the lyrics--proverbs that are deeply rooted in Rastafarian culture.
They saw America's "race problem" as rooted in its culture, environment, and disorganized families; and racial differences were social and psychological, not biological or innate.
But the ownership of the GSBCA to hear contract's protests was not rooted in the Brooks Law.
So much of Canadian cinema is rooted in a sense of place, and Sweeney's films, to a degree, continue this tradition.
His methodology is rooted in interrogation and analysis, and his impulse is to deconstruct language, treating it as concrete, pliable material.
Lewis' answer to that question is rooted in his childhood.
The decision to outsource part of the systems service operation is rooted in the headquarters "operational review" Royal underwent last year.
In contrast, the emerging view during the scientific revolution was more clearly rooted in the underlying forces or laws that can be expressed mathematically.
Rooted in the Open Source community, the company's flagship product -- The Symbiont Management Suite(TM) -- is based on LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project).
For these young people, doing anti-war work does not mean simply protesting a distant war in another country; it means challenging a war machine and industry whose workings are firmly rooted in the U.
The work - which Kerouac typed on a roll of paper to keep the flow uninterrupted, producing a 175,000-word first draft in 20 days - is characterized by an on-rushing style completely rooted in a given moment.