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'Something in this sort of style,' he replied, and at the same moment to my horror he slipped sideways off the rocks and, as I then thought, by good fortune merely, alighted among the spreading branches of a species of palm tree, that shooting its hardy roots along a ledge below, curved its trunk upwards into the air, and presented a thick mass of foliage about twenty feet below the spot where we had thus suddenly been brought to a standstill.
The successful outcome of an endodontic therapy depends on certain factors in which the most important is root canal preparation.1 One of the most common causes of root canal failure is inadequate debridement of root canal space, leaving pulp tissue remnants, microorganisms or their byproducts in the canal space.
[USPRwire, Mon Aug 26 2019] Valerian root oil Market is expected to rise with a single digit growth rate of 7.9% in the forecast period.
[ClickPress, Mon Aug 26 2019] Valerian root oil Market is expected to rise with a single digit growth rate of 7.9% in the forecast period.
Root Insurance is reportedly nearly finished raising $350 million in new financing, ( The Wall Street Journal is reporting.
The root in each example appears in many other words, none of which can be considered as the stem for suffixation.
Signs and symptoms that could indicate root difficulties include decline in the tree canopy, usually starting at the top, but occasionally affecting one side or major branches throughout the canopy.
Tooth movement is enabled in orthodontic treatment due to tissue biological response which leads to inflammatory root resorption and bone remodeling adjacent to the root structure of the teeth.1,2 Apical shortening is great area of concern for an orthodontist because it can proceed to non reversible consequences for the sustenance of teeth.1,3 This has been present in almost all the teeth which are studied for histological examination after they are treated orthodontically.
Authors introduce the idea that bacteria can induce root formation in different plant cutting (Bassil et al., 1991;Esitken et al., 2003; Ercisli et al., 2003; Kaymak et al., 2008; Erturk et al.,2008; Erturk et al.,2010).
The quality of a root canal filling is radiographically assessed according to two main technical variables: the length of the filling material in relation to the radiographic apex and its density (absence of voids within the root filling material) (2).
In total, 1038 CBCT images of maxillary premolars (521 of maxillary first premolars and 517 of maxillary second premolars), recorded using Promax 3D Max (Planmeca Oy, Helsinki, Finland) were selected based on the following criteria: (i) complete root structure, no fracture; (ii) clear root canal morphology without absorption, calcification, and root filling material; (iii) no posts, crowns, or artificial crowns; and (iv) clear and complete image of the tooth.
Auxins are very helpful to overcome difficulties in cuttings for root induction.
Cone beam computed tomography, labial access cavity preparation, maxillary lateral incisor, root canal treatment, root dilaceration.
These studies have mainly focused on the mechanical mechanisms of soil reinforcement by plant root systems.