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The single root model can be regarded as a microscopic approach dealing with the radial flow of water towards a single representative root, regarded essentially as a line sink of infinite length and uniform thickness and absorptivity.
All CBCT images were evaluated by two clinicians who recorded tooth position, patient gender, number of roots, and root canal morphology (Vertucci's classification).
Three nursery grade rooting media such as sand, silt and top soil were used separately by making 6 inches layer on ground for root induction under non-misting low-plastic plastic tunnel (Fig.
Key Words: Dental students, iatrogenic errors, periapical radiograph, Quality, root canal fillings.
Eliciting additional plant root growth enlarges the root system that enables the plant to absorb more and more nutrients from the soil.
LITHIUM (12 x [square root of 9]) - 20 - 8 + [square root of 9] - 21 + 13 = 3
Palatal and distobuccal roots were observed to contain one root canal (100%) and Vertucci's type I configuration.
Until now little information is known about the relationships between GRSP and root carbohydrates.
Root growth was much better with grafted trees, but differences in tree growth were slight after 4 years.
A root treatment generally will be effective for two to three years.
We needed a grass roots cricketer like Root to come through and remove our longrooted fears branch and root, so root for Root to root out the root problem by not ending up rooted to the spot but putting down roots to build a top innings instead.
Studying root-system architecture can be extremely difficult because the opaque nature of soils makes it hard to capture and visualize the root structures.
Root Transmission app from XDA Developers member wchill, offers rooting capability on any Android device using another pre-rooted Android phone or tablet.
2/y]) = [[square root of (z)](1 + [square root of (x)]).
1]core 3 <We finally got to the root of the problem.