room with

room with (one)

To share a bedroom in a house, hotel, dormitory, etc., with one. I was planning on rooming with my best friend when we started college, but then I found out that he had rented an apartment by himself. I'm rooming with Janet when we travel to Las Vegas to keep our costs down a bit.
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room with someone

to share a room with someone, as in college. I need someone to room with me next year. No one wants to room with Kelly.
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References in classic literature ?
She had heard him more than once lock something up in one of the rooms, come out and go into another room, wait there a few minutes, then return to the first room with his keys in his hand, and sharply turn the locks and turn them again.
There must have been two dozen of the shadow people, invented by the child-mind of Enoch Robinson, who lived in the room with him.
She sat there in the room with me and she was too big for the room.
So they passed through the Palace Gates and were led into a big room with a green carpet and lovely green furniture set with emeralds.
It was a big, round room with a high arched roof, and the walls and ceiling and floor were covered with large emeralds set closely together.
This hotel had already reached that stage, and the soldier in a filthy uniform smoking in the entry, supposed to stand for a hall-porter, and the cast-iron, slippery, dark, and disagreeable staircase, and the free and easy waiter in a filthy frock coat, and the common dining room with a dusty bouquet of wax flowers adorning the table, and filth, dust, and disorder everywhere, and at the same time the sort of modern up-to-date self-complacent railway uneasiness of this hotel, aroused a most painful feeling in Levin after their fresh young life, especially because the impression of falsity made by the hotel was so out of keeping with what awaited them.
In a little dirty room with the painted panels of its walls filthy with spittle, and conversation audible through the thin partition from the next room, in a stifling atmosphere saturated with impurities, on a bedstead moved away from the wall, there lay covered with a quilt, a body.
It is made to make winter days warmer and cozier; the temperature inside the Room In Room is 10 Fahrenheit higher than the rest of the room with a smart ventilation system to keep the air fresh inside.
Rawalpindi Tehsil Control Room with 051 9270815, Gujarkhan Tehsil Control Room with 0513510235, Kahota Tehsil Control Room with phone no 0513311232, Tehsil Kalar Seydian Control Room with phone no 0513571793 are functional.
A stable has been converted to a pool room with wave pool, sauna, shower room, utility room, including a study, sitting room and garden room.
A HISTORIC three-storey Grade II Listed period family home, with spacious accommodation, including entrance passage to hall and staircase with hatch to wine cellar, ground-floor cloakroom, dining room with fireplace, family room, refitted kitchen and breakfast room.
Overhaul your room with Digs A Go-Go ($25,, a style-savvy room-revamp kit that will get your room from "before" to "after" faster than Trading Spaces.
To address the medical needs of children, this state-of-the-art healthcare facility features an emergency room with three trauma rooms; a Radiology Department that includes an MRI, CT Scan, X-Rays and Radiology Fluoroscopy; three operating rooms; one cardiac operating room; one trauma operating room; two procedure rooms; and the region's only Level III Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units (ICUs).
As Gray pointed out, high school strength programs once consisted of a coach or someone unqualified who would sit in an office or monitor a weight room with sub-standard equipment.
To the right was La stanza dove Marsilio sognava di dormire (The room where Marsilio dreamed of sleeping), 2001, where Airo had exposed the large window (usually concealed) that runs along the entire right side of the room and overlooks the museum garden, thereby flooding the room with light.