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You'd be brought in to triage, and unless you had something life-threatening, you'd be sitting in the emergency room waiting room for some time -- if there's a seat,'' Seaver said.
However, the number of anthrax cases was essentially independent of the number of room samples per round, as long as at least 1 sample was taken.
Any component of the process that delays room set-up or patient preparation will delay the turnover process.
Hart presented a number of floor plans to the brokers, the do's and don't for designing for odd shaped rooms, lighting, and a Q&A of the simple things a broker can do to help make a residence "show well.
Two extra bathrooms and two extra bathing/shower rooms are located in this area, so if a resident needs to go to the bathroom while in a therapy session or participating in activities, staff can take him right next door instead of all the way back to his room or to a bathroom on one of the residential units.
You have to show that the number of sports has increased or your skills have increased and you'd like to do rehab but your existing room is too small," Hossler says.
As this article went to press, work was about to begin on the second-floor dining room.
After their deaths in office, seven Presidents, including -- William McKinley, were laid out in this room.
While the mansion's more ornate rooms--ball or drawing room, dining room, parlor, and hall--allowed men alone to exchange political and economic information or discuss intellectual matters, these same spaces, when used by men and women together, created publics focussed on the polite and the superficial.
At Camp Jened, four energetic staff members converted a 20-foot-by-20-foot storage building located on the periphery of the camp into a soothing, colorful Snoezelen room for their guests.
The front room is where the new, less experienced salespeople, sometimes called "fronters," work.
Sammy calls out for a response, only to find that the mystery man has vanished from the room.
Hotels, airlines, even convention and visitors bureaus are creating special packages and promotions to target the black business traveler to get to your destination, from booking flights and making room reservations on the Internet to working on the road and keeping in touch with the office.
The map you see of this rambling building, one of the largest bookstores in the world and reason alone for visiting the Rose City, indicates that biography is not confined to any one aisle or room but, instead, is spread out over the entire block, placed by subject.
Judy and I could pick up bits and pieces of the conversation (something about "where' to put us), but thought nothing of it when he came out, told us that we would be in room 3302, and called over to the bellstand for someone to take us to our room.