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For more information, contact Dave Mills, director of national market development for Eagle Roofing Products, at 909-355-7000 or visit www.
Advantages: Membranes are available in white and light colors, which reflect the sun's rays and can lower cooling costs; flexible TPO membrane can easily accommodate the movement that is intrinsic in metal roofing, as well as any plane changes in the roof.
Metal roofing reflects heat away from your home or business, making it much easier to keep things cool and keep your energy bills down.
You can browse the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Cool Roofing Materials Database (eetd.
This is good news for Berridge, which makes metal roofing primarily for commercial applications, though Gordon says 15 percent of the company's products are used in residential applications.
It seems like we're replacing more of them every month,'' said Bob Roskowick of Total Roofing in Burbank.
A handful of companies produce complete green roofing systems and offer guidance on design and installation, including GreenTech, Roofscapes and The Garland Company.
The choice of roofing materials is quite varied, ranging from asphalt-based or modified-asphalt (APP and SBS) to polymer-based materials such as thermoplastic olefins (TPO), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and ethylene-propylenethene monomer (EPDM).
It will tell you when to replace an existing roof, what features to look for when purchasing new roofing, and how to choose a qualified contractor.
Of course, neither my roofing skills nor the material on that project were very good.
LONDON -- Market Publishers Ltd informs that new in-demand Global Research & Data Services reports on roofing markets in various countries have been added to its catalogue.
Tenders are invited for Removal and Replacement of all roof areas: Areas of the existing roof consist of a single ply EPDM roofing system (ballasted at flat roof areas) which will be removed to the existing deck and replaced with a new fully adhered single ply TPA roofing system.
com)-- An experienced roofing contractor, Swan Roofing LLC has achieved the exclusive status of Master Elite[TM] Weather Stopper[R] Roofing Contractor for GAF, North America's Largest Roofing Manufacturer.
Many roofing contractors provide this service at a minimal cost, much less than a single typical roof repair.
Architects and builders are increasingly using metal roofing in commercial and institutional buildings, and some inroads are even being made on the residential front, according to representatives from Berridge Manufacturing Co.