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The Scarecrow arrived with a coil of clothes-lines and ropes which he had taken from the courtyard, and in his trip up the stairs he had become so entangled in the loose ends of the ropes that both he and his burden tumbled in a heap upon the roof and might have rolled off if Tip had not rescued him.
"There is usually but one man on duty there at night upon the roof."
The roof beside them had a great hole smashed through it, and pieces of glass were lying scattered in every direction.
No sooner had the man touched the roof than the ape-man was upon his chest, one brawny hand sought and found the sword wrist and the other the throat of the yellow-tunicked guardsman.
Turning towards the prow, one had before one an innumerable flock of ancient roofs, over which arched broadly the lead-covered apse of the Sainte-Chapelle, like an elephant's haunches loaded with its tower.
The tin roof under her feet crackled with little resounding snaps that Pollyanna rather liked.
Now they were rough and threatening, as with wings half spread they hovered about him in menacing attitudes, barring his way to the ladder leading to the roof from whence he had descended; but the Englishman was not one to brook interference for long.
If Anne had tumbled off the roof on the side up which she had ascended Diana would probably have fallen heir to the pearl bead ring then and there.
It is a strange conjunction this of roofs and mastheads, of walls and yard-arms.
He tried to reach across the distance between the roof and the palisade, and in the attempt lost his balance and nearly precipitated himself to the ground below.
"This is a trap-door which leads out on to the roof. I can press it back, and here is the roof itself, sloping at a gentle angle.
The hut's walls rose without difficulty, and everything went smoothly until the problem of the roof confronted me.
Caswall moved to the door leading to the turret stair by which the roof was reached, and spoke in a peremptory way, whose tone alone made her feel defiant.
Under the pitch of the roof ran a ceiling cloth, which looked just as nice as a whitewashed ceiling.
ABOVE the roof of the palace that housed the Jed of Gathol and his entourage, the cruiser Vanator tore at her stout moorings.