romp through

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romp through (something)

1. To play or run around in a lively, merry, or frolicsome manner through some place or thing. I'm so happy that we moved into a bigger house. I love seeing the kids romping through all the rooms in glee. When we were young, we used to spend our summer romping through the woods behind our house.
2. To proceed, play, or rehearse through something in an quick, easy, or lighthearted manner. We were riding high on so much adrenaline and enthusiasm that we positively romped through the last song in our recital. The first act of the play romps through the various periods of the politician's life.
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romp through something

to run through something fast and playfully. The conductor romped through the slow movement of the symphony as if it were a march. The cast romped through the last act, knowing that the play would be closed that very night.
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