romp on

romp on (someone or something)

1. To utterly dominate someone or some team in a competition. The Colts were romping on the other team at halftime, up 45 to 3. I knew I stood no chance of winning against him, so my goal was simply not to let him romp on me for the entire match.
2. To go off-roading or trail-riding on something, such as a mountain bike, dirt bike, ATV, etc. You've been romping on this bike all summer long and haven't done any maintenance on it. No wonder it's ready to fall apart! I love going out to my cousins' house and romping on their four-wheelers around the fields behind their house.
See also: on, romp

romp on someone

 and romp all over someone 
1. Fig. Inf. to beat or win over, as in a sports contest. Our team romped on our opponents and beat them 10 to 1. We romped all over them.
2. Fig. Inf. to scold someone. The teacher romped on the students for their behavior. He romped all over all of them.
See also: on, romp
References in classic literature ?
And he told all the animals to get out too and romp on the grass to stretch their legs.