rolling in the aisles

rolling in the aisles

Laughing uproariously or hysterically. Your jokes are perfect for your speech tonight. You'll have them rolling in the aisles!
See also: aisle, roll

*rolling in the aisles

Fig. [of an audience] wild with laughter. (*Typically: get them ~; have them ~; leave them ~.) DI have the best jokes you've ever heard. I'll have them rolling in the aisles. What a great performance. We had them rolling in the aisles.
See also: aisle, roll

ˌrolling in the ˈaisles

(informal) laughing a lot: The comedian was very good indeed. He had the audience rolling in the aisles.
See also: aisle, roll
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Coldplay singer Chris had them rolling in the aisles despite wearing a cast after pranging his ankle surfing last week.
This really enjoyable film won't leave you rolling in the aisles but it is quirky and colourful enough to keep both kids and adults entertained with a few laughs along the way.
Get really good at telling them, so people are rolling in the aisles.
IMPRESSIONS of The Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard, Elvis and Tom Jones will have audiences rolling in the aisles at Bedworth's Civic Hall on Wednes-day.
Berti had them rolling in the aisles with a hint that he would like to tempt Duncan Ferguson out of retirement.
So desperate was he to defend the Union in the Parliament this week, he had Labour MSPs rolling in the aisles when he forgot his party allegiance momentarily.
He stole the show, he was hilarious - people were rolling in the aisles,'' according to one Senate aide.