rolling in

rolling in (something)

Having something in abundance, typically money. I hear her father is rolling in money, so I wouldn't be too worried about her future. Once we get this plan underway, we'll be rolling in dough in no time!
See also: roll

rolling in something

 and rolling in money; rolling in it
Fig. having large amounts of something, usually money. That family is rolling in money. Bob doesn't need to earn money. He's rolling in it.
See also: roll
References in classic literature ?
As the high watery walls came rolling in, and, at their highest, tumbled into surf, they looked as if the least would engulf the town.
And as I did their bidding I noticed what indeed had long been apparent to idler eyes: the wind was not; we had lost our southeast trades; the doomed ship was rolling in a dead calm.
So now the bird set the table, and the mouse looked after the food and, wishing to prepare it in the same way as the sausage, by rolling in and out among the vegetables to salt and butter them, she jumped into the pot; but she stopped short long before she reached the bottom, having already parted not only with her skin and hair, but also with life.
Even as he spoke, the scuppers were nearly level with the ocean, and her rolling in the big sea was sluggish.
On average, participants expect to spend 19 hours of personal time to complete all steps involved in rolling in assets.
Daydreaming about what you'd do if you were rolling in dough won't get you anywhere.