rolled into one

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(all) rolled into one

Combined into a single entity. That restaurant is like nowhere I've ever been. It's like a diner, an aquarium, and a magic show rolled into one. My boss expects me to be a receptionist, personal assistant, and office manager all rolled into one.
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(all) rolled into one

(of characteristics drawn from different people or things) combined in one person or thing.
1907 George Bernard Shaw Major Barbara My methods…would be no use if I were Voltaire, Rousseau, Bentham, Mill, Dickens, Carlyle, Ruskin, George, Butler, and Morris all rolled into one.
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(all) rolled into ˈone

several qualities/things combined in one place, person, object, etc: It’s a penknife, scissors, corkscrew all rolled into one.He’s a writer, scientist and journalist rolled into one.
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"America had Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer - Seve was our Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus rolled into one. You can't speak too highly of him, Seve was Europe's best ever player."
A SUMMER classical concert, firework display and aviation spectacular rolled into one will take place at Donington Park, in Castle Donington, Leicestershire, on Saturday, June 12, 2004.
in the 1980s and 1990S, financial innovation, deregulation, global capital market expansion and technological change saw the emergence of what was termed the "super CFO," who was not simply an accountant but a deal maker, team builder, performance manager and fiscal disciplinarian rolled into one. What's dramatically different today is resource availability.
Today the company has ties to well-known fashion houses, cosmetic companies and magazines like the stylish voting women's bible JJ (think Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Mademoiselle all rolled into one, with less sex and more clothes).
As Chris Evans, registered dietitian, explains, "Parkinson's is very complicated and multifactorial; it manifests as a lot of disease states rolled into one." Complications from the disease result in slow chewing and feeding, exhaustion from the physical act of eating, dysphagia, and the risk of pneumonia.
This is nostalgia and history rolled into one for me.
Call it an afternoon on the psychiatrist's couch and a nighttime stroll through dank alleyways rolled into one: Black Market Music emerges as an intense album that isn't for the easily offended.
The prom is becoming a wedding, Oscar night, and state dinner all rolled into one. It's an estimated $2billion-a-year industry that snowballed along with the booming economy of the '90s.
DU could be the Agent Orange and asbestos crises rolled into one toxic package.
It is your welcome mat, nameplate, and billboard all rolled into one. Your sign should be bright and welcoming, and if its overall quality does not depict a well-maintained total operation, consider replacing it before next season.
The event is a modern enactment of tribal warfare, ancient mythologizing, Grecian catharsis, Roman circuses - all rolled into one; at its best producing the breathtaking moments of poetry and virtuosity that transcend the limits of national pride and rabid xenophobia.
Because it touches on so many issues, the introduction sometimes feels like a cram course in sixteenth-century cultural history, gender relations, and Shakespeare studies rolled into one, but the sheer volume of work pertinent to this edition probably makes that feeling inevitable.
The performance ended with standing ovations, confirming the undiminished vitality and panache of the company at the start of Reid Anderson's second season as its Intendant (artistic director and general manager, rolled into one).
reports to the Angel of Dust as "putative solidity and soul rolled into one." In the novel's final moment, N.
Boards grow and decay depending on delicate fluctuations of interest, and a successful system operator is an editor, architect, technician, social director, and, in this case, curator rolled into one. Should artists be in charge of their own projects?