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So here's a radical idea: The next time one of your parents offers a bit of career advice, don't roll your eyes.
Despite her interviews, magazine features and forthcoming reality show, Kezzer has been moaning yet again in a glossy mag, saying (feel free to shake your head and roll your eyes now because you know it's inevitable) - "No matter where I go I'm trapped.
You roll your eyes in frustration, scrap all the work you just did and re-sort the columns and rows and write a new set of formulas.
The hilarious trials and tribulations of 15-year-old Jeremy are featured in the syndicated comic strip "Zits"; this volume, a sequel to the Humongous Zits treasury, brings together two collections, Don't Roll Your Eyes at ME, Young Man, and Are We an "Us"?
So when Pat Robertson next suggests that Clinton has "a radical plan to destroy the traditional family," get angry, roll your eyes, fulminate.
Twice a month, you will read articles or columns that will make you nod in agreement, roll your eyes in disbelief, force a smile or think about an approach you'd never considered," Brown says.