roll up in

roll up in (something)

1. To coat or wrap someone or something in some substance, material, or thing using a rolling motion. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "roll" and "up." Form the dough into a ball and then roll it up in flour before putting it into the oven. The kids had great fun rolling me up in fake spider webs left over from Halloween.
2. To arrive in a particular vehicle. The phrase "to (something)" can be used between "roll" and "up." I hate when my dad rolls up in his clunky old van to pick me up from school. They rolled up to the party in a stretch limousine.
3. To arrive wearing a particular outfit. The phrase "to (something)" can be used between "roll" and "up." He rolled up to the party in a bizarre floral-print tuxedo. Make sure you budget enough money and time to find a wedding dress you're happy with. You don't want to roll up in something you end up regretting later on.
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roll (oneself) up in something

to spin or swivel oneself so as to be contained in a coil of something. Roll yourself up in some cloth and go to the costume party as a mummy. The caterpillar rolled up in a leaf.
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