roll to

roll to (someone or something)

1. To move over to someone or something in a rolling motion, on wheels, or atop or inside of something with wheels. The ball rolled all the way to the other end of the field. The man rolled to the window in his wheelchair.
2. To cause someone or something to move over to someone or something else in a rolling motion, on wheels, or atop or inside of something with wheels. A noun or pronoun is used between "roll" and "to." Roll the cart to the next aisle so we can fill it up with supplies. We rolled the patient to the operating room on the gurney.
3. To come to some position or status after rolling. The cart rolled to a stop just inches away from the wall. He put the car in neutral and let it roll to a slow coasting speed.
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roll something to someone or something

to send something revolving toward someone or something or moving toward someone or something on wheels. I rolled the ball to the baby, who just sat and looked at it. The blow with the mallet rolled the croquet ball to the wicket.
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Several times Condon attempted to draw the lad into a card game; but his victim was not interested, and the black looks of several of the other men passengers decided the American to find other means of transferring the boy's bank roll to his own pocket.
The major driver which helps to accelerate the roll-to-roll technologies for flexible devices market includes increasing demand for flexible electronic devices, adoption of touch screen display technology for electronic devices and increasing demand of roll to roll based flexible temperature sensors in industrial sector.
When winding non-elastic and high-slip films, the inner layers will loosen; this can cause the roll to dish while winding, or telescope when unwinding.
The calculated 3D compensation profile was sent to the NC unit controlling the tool axis and used as a tool path while grinding the roll to achieve the desired cam-like geometry of the backup roll.
* Transferring the rubber sheet from the calender roll to the substrate;
There is a vacuum inside the TAD roll and the differential pressure from outside the roll to the inside causes the air to be drawn through the sheet and the TAD fabric.
When a press operator notices that he is losing color strength or density from a particular anilox, he should send that roll to the anilox control area immediately to be inspected and evaluated.
When a pickup station is free, the last roll to enter the surge conveyor is indexed back to the sizing station, scanned, and weighed.
As of May 22, he said, the Tax Commission computers were showing accepted offers of $600 million dollars off the actuals, which would have brought the final roll to $84.4 billion.
Likewise, when cut-to-length strips are fed through a roll forming machine, interstage guiding devices are used to guide the lead end from roll to roll.
This can cause the roll to deflect under operating conditions.
* Dimensional accuracy - using the roll to pull compound from the preform bank past the final shaping die results in zero pressure extrusion and a dimensionally accurate product.
One step in that direction is the TransBelt from Albany International, a type of extended center roll cover that makes it possible to have a pick-up transfer with suction roll to the dryer section.