roll down

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roll something down something

to cause something to move down along something, rotating it like a wheel or a ball. Claire rolled the bowling ball down the alley for a strike. Roll the barrel down the ramp carefully. It is heavy.
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roll something down

1. to move something down, making it rotate like a wheel or a ball, or moving it on wheels. Don't carry the ball down; roll it down! I rolled down the ball as you asked.
2. to crank down something, such as a car window. Please roll the window down and get some air in this car. Please roll down the car window.
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roll down something

to move downward, along something, rotating, as a wheel or a ball, or moving downward on wheels. The ball rolled down the hall to the end. The cart went rolling down the hill all by itself.
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roll down

to move downward, rotating, as a wheel or a ball, or to move downward on wheels. I pushed the wagon up the driveway, and it rolled down again. Don't place the cart at the top of the hill. It will roll down.
See also: down, roll
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I remember watching him perform an original song called 'I Belong to the Sky'," said Kerner, "and as he sang, his emotions were so real and so strong that tears began to roll down the side of his face.
The car started to roll down Lockwood Scar, near its junction with Barcroft Road, Newsome.
LANCASTER - Christmas parades will roll down streets Saturday morning in downtown Lancaster and Saturday evening in Rosamond.
Leasing activity remains a challenge as rents for new leases continued to roll down in the fourth quarter as the U.
I'll always remember Rodney blasting out of that black-and-white screen; making those big fat tears roll down my Dad's face.
I've watched drivers roll down their windows and scream at the crossing guards because they had to screech to a stop at a crosswalk and missed the light at Devonshire Street and Topanga Canyon Boulevard,'' Al says.
Passengers will enjoy music, dancing, live entertainment, a steak and shrimp dinner, a midnight champagne toast and party favors as they roll down the tracks in a vintage train.
LANCASTER - Marching bands, floats, custom and classic car clubs, and equestrian groups will roll down Lancaster Boulevard today for the 64th annual Antelope Valley Fair Parade.
Her eyes will open for second, her head will turn, and a tear will roll down her cheek.
We get attention when we're on the truck and people roll down their windows and ask, What's the deal?
Some motorists will simply roll down the window and announce the destination, while others hold up a sign.
PALMDALE - More than 100 parade entries all decked in Christmas lights will roll down 5th Street West on Saturday for Palmdale's light parade.
As the minivan entered her lane, Rivera swerved to avoid a collision and caused her vehicle to roll down the freeway.
When the deputy spotted the car on 10th Street West north of Avenue K-8 and pulled it over, the driver refused to roll down her window to talk to him, deputies said.
playing either on or near the vehicle when it began to roll down an estimated 30-foot incline, according to police.