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no bucks, no Buck Rogers

No money, no space travel. The phrase comes from The Right Stuff, a movie about the beginnings of US space exploration. "Bucks" is a slang term for money, while "Buck Rogers" was a space-traveling comic strip character in the early 20th century. Government funding for the space program has been down in light of recent disasters. It's a sad reality for us astronauts—no bucks, no Buck Rogers.
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roger that

Message received. The phrase originated in radio communications. A: "I'll meet you there at 6 o'clock." B: "Roger that."
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Roger (wilco).

Yes. (From aircraft radio communication. Wilco = "will comply.") John: Can you do this right now? Bob: Roger. Mary: I want you to take this over to the mayor's office. Bill: Roger wilco.


interj. okay; That is correct. Roger, I’ll do it.
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The lord laughed as he thought of the noble knights of rogering.
The most rewarding moment of the week was when the hideous degenerates who arrange the killing of stolen and drugged protected wild animals got a severe rogering from Cook.
I told her to keep driving but she just sat there in a daze - the four of us were disgusted to see him rogering the windscreen.
SHELBOURNE gave Hajduk Split a good Rogering last night - and had a million reasons to be grateful.
Pepys' political triumphs and his chronicling of the age were neatly bypassed in favour of good old romping and rogering.
As long as he's not rogering vicars while dressed in brigade uniform, I don't care" he announced.
Visit my club, old chap, and the chances of you finding a man he has helped are roughly on a par with you finding my old pal Lucan rogering your nanny when you return home tonight.
It may be that watching an adult man rogering a 15-year-old boy is your idea of a good evening's entertainment.
He'd hardly said "come on my boat" before they were jolly rogering away in the best tasteful, soft-focus fashion, intercut with close-ups of waves breaking on the shore, a ship ploughing through heaving seas, its main- mast standing proud and erect, etc.