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no bucks, no Buck Rogers

No money, no space travel. The phrase comes from The Right Stuff, a movie about the beginnings of US space exploration. "Bucks" is a slang term for money, while "Buck Rogers" was a space-traveling comic strip character in the early 20th century. Government funding for the space program has been down in light of recent disasters. It's a sad reality for us astronauts—no bucks, no Buck Rogers.
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roger that

Message received. The phrase originated in radio communications. A: "I'll meet you there at 6 o'clock." B: "Roger that."
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Roger (wilco).

Yes. (From aircraft radio communication. Wilco = "will comply.") John: Can you do this right now? Bob: Roger. Mary: I want you to take this over to the mayor's office. Bill: Roger wilco.
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interj. okay; That is correct. Roger, I’ll do it.
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"Take this, Roger de Conde," she whispered, dropping a tiny parcel to him, "and wear it ever, for my sake.
Arthur Dimmesdale, like many other personages of special sanctity, in all ages of the Christian world, was haunted either by Satan himself or Satan's emissary, in the guise of old Roger Chillingworth.
At that moment the withered topmost bough of the oak loosened itself in the stilly air, and fell in soft, light fragments upon the rock, upon the leaves, upon Reuben, upon his wife and child, and upon Roger Malvin's bones.
"They'd actually jumped the buck up in the only spot on the farm I hadn't looked," Roger notes.
Now, 55 years later, Roger is still a cut above, continuing to serve some of the customers he's had for half-acentury.
The PS95 a head "Dinner with Champagne Pol Roger" will include a four-course meal featuring wild garlic risotto served with Pol Roger Pure NV; confit salmon with garden herbs accompanied by Pol Roger Vintage Rose 2004; spring lamb cutlet, lamb navarin, minted fresh peas and fondant potato with Pol Roger Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill 2000, and garden rhubarb Pavlova and vanilla ice cream complemented by Pol Roger Rich NV.
It surely will be a blissful holiday season for Roger and Mirka.
David, 44, from Glasgow, said: "When I saw Roger, it was like a smack in the face.
During my last 13 years with Bayer CropScience in Canada and the U.S., Roger has provided leadership, industry experience and marketing expertise to the team at AdFarm who worked not only with our product brands but also offering marketing excellence on launching new programs and services.
The fact that his sight had been lost for over 40 years meant Roger had lost all hope of ever getting it back.
CHARITY Roger and Roger told the Mirror he had tried to enlist Sir Elton, 71, for his Teenage Cancer Trust gigs, but claimed the Rocket Man star was unable to "answer his bloody emails".
Doctors at the RMC said there was nothing wrong with Roger, except that he was probably having holiday stress.
Roger's honorary service to the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania dates back to the 1970s when he helped with berthing the Sydney Hobart fleet.