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Jane Roe

The name given to a female whose real name is not known or cannot be revealed, as in legal proceedings. Have they reached a decision in the Jane Roe case yet?
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Richard Roe

In legal proceedings, the name given to the second male whose identity is unknown or protected (as "John Doe" would be the name assigned to the first such male). I'm researching Richard Roe's case right now.
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Louis, the average ROE in the United States as of Dec.
For banks in the 8th District, the average ROE was 3.
Recent research suggests that in the long run the value of a company's equity is determined by its ROE and its cost of equity capital.
This explains why microalgae grower Cyanotech's $12 million capital infusion in 1995 failed to dilute its ROE as much as occurred with the home-builders.
Applicable Criteria and Related Research: Fitch Evaluates Utility ROE Trends
6 on the ROE list, is the only bank in the state that ranks among the top 25 banks in assets, return on assets and ROE.
The integration of ROES Pro / ROES Retail with Frontline will provide labs the great feature sets of both systems," says, Kirk Arends, Director of Business Development for SoftWorks Systems.
Lower ROEs may in turn adversely affect the financial metrics that are an important component of Fitch's ratings for a global power sector on the mend after imploding from bankruptcy and headline risk a few years ago.
As part of the first stage of the GCOC, the BCUC introduced an Automatic Adjustment Mechanism (M) effective January 2014 to set the ROE on an annual basis for the benchmark utility.